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According to a comment on Recapped's blog, Alexandra Daddario has a nude scene in the second episode of True Detective, which will first air on January 19 at 9 PM. Normally, I would hold off making a post based on just one review, but the person posting the info, MK, has sent me very accurate early reviews in the past for Scarlett Johansson in Under The Skin and Sarah Gadon in Enemy. Even so, keep in mind it is just one review.

Here is what he posted for Episode 2:

"Very good news on the Alexandra Daddario front! She does indeed go topless (and more) in True Detective.

The shots from the trailers don’t lie, she doffs her top in Episode 2 of the series after handcuffing Woody Harrelson to a bed… but it gets better. She then gets up off the bed, turns around and bends over as she takes off her bottoms showing a great shot of her butt and very brief/dark full frontal as she turns back around. A front runner for nude scene of 2014 already. They’re real and they’re spectacular."


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