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5 years ago06-29 00:21 by Tlitliltzin
野坂昭如(Akiyuki Nosaka)-不浄理の唄(Fujouri No Uta)Reissue:  2006-10-25Lable: Jvc VictorTracklist:1. ぼんぼの唄2. (野坂昭如弁説)3. 星の流れに4. ミロール5. (野坂昭如弁説)6. 黒の舟唄7. 春(野坂唄之新古今集より)8. 夏(野坂唄之新古今集より)9. 秋(野坂唄之新古今集より)10. 冬(野坂唄之新古今集より)11. バイバイ・ベイビー12. バージン・ブルース13. マリリン モンロー ノーリターン14. (手じめ)Download

5 years ago06-28 00:11 by Tlitliltzin
泉谷しげる(Shigeru Izumiya)-泉谷しげるライブ サブ・トータルReissue lable: ELECTracklist:Disc1  1. つなひき2. 告白のブルース  3. 白雪姫の毒リンゴ  4. ちきしょう  5. ひとりあるき  6. ブルースを唄わないで7. 春夏秋冬  8. 老人革命の唄 9. 春のからっ風Disc2  1. おー脳!!  2. 君の便りは南風3. 黒いカバン 4. 陽が沈むころに   5. 戦争小唄 6. 個人的理由 7. 鏡の前のつぶやき8. 無限大食9. 行きずりのブルース 10. 国旗はためく下に 11. 里帰りDownload

5 years ago06-27 08:56 by Tlitliltzin
野坂昭如(Akiyuki Nosaka)- 分裂唄草紙(Bunretsu Uta Zoushi)Year: 1974.06.10label: elec Tracklist:
1. 終末のタンゴ2. 巡礼3. 金地獄雀歌草紙4. 十人の女学生5. おんじょろ節6. うられうられて7. 河8. スケッチ9. 大懺悔10. 酒を11. できそこないのロック

5 years ago06-27 08:37 by Tlitliltzin
Hölderlin(Hoelderlin) - Hölderlins Traum Country: Germany 
Year: 1972
* Nanny De Ruig (vocals),* Christoph "Nops" Noppeney (violin, viola, piano, flute),* Peter Käseberg (bass, acoustic guitar, vocals),* Michael Bruchmann (drums, percussion),* Jochen Grumbcow (cello, flute, acoustic guitar, piano, organ, Mellotron),* Christian Grumbcow (guitars),* Hans Bäär (bass, guitar)* Peter Bursch (sitar, Track 03)* Mike Hellbach (tablas, Track 03)* Walter Westrupp (flute Track 05)Tracklist:01. Waren wir (4:53)02. "Peter" (2:52)03. Strohhalm (2:20)04. Requiem Für Einen Wicht (6:32)05. Erwachen (4:20)06. Wetterbericht (6:34)07. Traum (7:20)- Total Time: 34:51----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Progressive rock ("prog") is an ambitious, eclectic, and often grandiose style of rock music which arose in the late 1960s principally in England, reaching the peak of its popularity in the early 1970s, but continuing as a musical form to this day. Progressive rock was largely a European movement, and drew most of its influences from classical music and jazz fusion, in contrast to American rock, which was influenced by rhythm & blues and country, although there are notable exceptions in the New World such as Kansas and Rush — considered by many to be the finest examples of the form. Over the years various sub-genres of progressive rock have emerged, such as symphonic rock, art rock and progressive metal. Progressive rock artists sought to move away from the limitations of radio formatted rock and pop, and "progress" rock to the point that it could achieve the sophistication of jazz or classical music. It is admired by its fans for its complexity, requiring a high level of musical virtuosity to perform. Critics have often derided the genre as pompous and self-indulgent. This is because, unlike such stylistically consistent genres as country or hip hop, progressive rock is difficult to define in a single conclusive way. Outspoken King Crimson leader Robert Fripp has voiced his disdain for the term. The major acts that defined the genre in the 1970s (Yes, Genesis, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Rush and King Crimson) do not sound alike. There is also debate on whether bands such as The Beatles, Phish, and Radiohead belong to the genre. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Holderlins Traum" is the debut album of the German progressive folk band Hoelderlin. This is a great album! The whole album has a dreamy and pastoral atmosphere and everything is kept pretty low key. Acoustic guitars and a few percussion instruments dominate the album, often adorned with some keyboards (mellotron and organ) and other instruments like flutes, recorders, violin and sitars. The vocal performances are great, very calm and add to the atmosphere of the album. It is all sung in German and even though I am a native English speaker, this greatly adds to the feel of the album and is something I miss in later Hoelderlin albums. The album begins with a hypnotic melody that really sets the mood for the entire album: slightly dark but dreamy. The music is obviously very folkish but also looks to classical music for influence in their song arranements. The more conventional folk songs ,,Peter'' and "Strohhalm" are good, but the band really shines with their longer pieces like "Requiem Fur Einen Wicht," "Wetterbericht" and "Traum". These really show their true capabilities. I would highly recommend this album to anyone looking for good progressive folk music that is a little different than what you would expect.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------First album by this German band who started off with progressive folk rock leanings. This is possibly their best album richly textured and with a gorgeous female vocal and stands up with the best of seventies Kraut Rock for its invention and sheer class. A ravishing album, very folk, acoustic and dreamy with nice, abundant female vocals. This is their best and unique highly recommended effort they made. Celestial and floating kraut / folk music whose approach can be compared with Broselmaschine, Emtidi and others. An eastern flavour is added by the use of the sitar, also a subtle jazzy guitar touch, mainly improvised for long solo interludes. Specials guests as Walter Westrupp, Peter Bursch contribute to make this album an inspired progressive rock item with many acoustic ingredients added in a kind of fusion style. Holderlins Traum is very fine for every prog folk lovers.

5 years ago06-27 08:36 by Tlitliltzin
鈴木常吉 - ぜいご思ひで is the OST of Japanese series 深夜食堂This album is more pop/folk 
Tracklist:1. 疫病の神2. アイオー夜曲3. くぬぎ4. アカヒゲ5. サマータイム6. ワーリー・ブルース7. 目が覚めた8. 石9. 藪10. ミノ君11. 煙草のめのめ12. 父のワルツ13. 思ひで14. お茶碗Downloadpw: kmc

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