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Description not mine.

10 minutes in: Gorgeous, tipsy Lyssa Roberts (billed as Lyssa Robert) goes home with a guy she just met. We see her breasts and ass during a comedic, enthusiastic sex scene that ends abruptly. Nice curvy body!

14 minutes in: Meg Barrick'slying in bed naked. We see breasts and partial, blurry butt as she snoops on her boyfriend's cell phone. A sex video appears on the phone screen, but it's hard to make anything out. Brief boobs from Meg again as she gets out of bed and angrily throws on a robe.

21 minutes in: Some foreplay in bed ends with Meg Barrick having her bra removed. We see her breasts from the side, but they quickly go out of focus and the scene ends.

24 minutes in: Tessa Harnetiaux and her date undress each other while dancing to music. Great looks at her shimmying and twirling in bra and skimpy panties, both of which eventually come off. The camera mostly stays at waist level once she's naked, but breasts and ass are clearly visible. A hot sex scene ensues, with Tessa on top throughout, showing more boobs and butt. Nice final view of Tessa's pert posterior as she lies on her side at the end of this EXCELLENT sequence.

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