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Zzomp fans rejoice! We’ve got an exciting new product in the Affect3D store featuring his titillating character Tihanna! You can get Tihanna Loves Orcs Part 1 exclusively at the Affect3D Store starting today!

Tihanna Promo2

Tihanna finds herself stuck as a prisoner for the orcs. Wanting her freedom out of this jail, she offers to let them fuck her as much as they want. But because they’re the ones in control, they decide what she’ll do, making her suck some fat orc cock. After sucking for a while, she gets herself plastered in cum. But it doesn’t look like the orcs are done with her yet…

This first part of this soon-to-be multi part series can be yours for only $0! That’s right! You can get Tihanna Loves Orcs Part 1 for free! All you have to do to get it is add it to your cart and then checkout! You don’t have to purchase anything just to get this set (but we would appreciate it ;)). So if you love hot blowjob action or if you’re a fan of Zzomp or if you just getting free stuff, then you’ll definitely want to get this set!


Get Now Tihanna Loves Orcs Part 1 FOR FREE over at the Affect3D Store

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