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7 months ago05-28 17:12 by Beatrice Tan

 photo 290514DSC03933.jpg

 photo 290514DSC04384.jpg

 photo 290514DSC04385.jpg

 photo 290514DSC04395.jpg

 photo 290514DSC05358.jpg

 photo 290514DSC05369.jpg

   photo 290514DSC05377.jpg

 photo 290514DSC05380.jpg

Been back from Korea since a couple of days back but am actually missing Korea very much. Press trip was about four to five days and I'm glad I extended for two nights instead of one which was the initial plan. Although I've been to Seoul for three times including this, felt like they have been a rush and haven't exactly been able to explore it completely – which I've been meaning to do so!

Two particular areas I went to and really, really like were Garosu-Gil & Haebangchon and how I wish I'm back there right now. These two areas were full of cafes and I'm sure you will love the atmosphere there.

Ahh, feel like heading back there and at the same time, to pick up the language. Always wanted to but kept procrastinating. Just too many things I wish to do and so little time..


7 months ago05-21 18:57 by Beatrice Tan

 photo 220514DSC04594.jpg

Am in Korea for a Belif & VDL Beauty Press Trip and it has been amazing so far – lovely people and promising brands. One of the best groups to travel for sure and will definitely share more when I'm back! Extended two more days to roam around Korea by myself and will be back on Sunday instead – if you have any recommendations for anything interesting to do in Korea, please holler! ;D

More on instagram, beatricesays for updates on the go!

7 months ago05-15 10:55 by Beatrice Tan
ION Orchard is probably the mall that I frequent the most and it's easily one of the best malls in Singapore. It's a mall with everything under one roof – from prominent labels to exclusive, prestigious brands. Besides that, it has an amazing list of restaurants situated at the mall itself and not forgetting that it has such an awesome convenient location!
If you love ION Orchard as much as me or you frequent there as much, you will be happy to know that ION Orchard is launching a blog called the ION Insider and they are currently looking for the new resident blogger! It's a joy to share with you all about ION and the perks of participating in the ION Insider search and one of them is definitely having the chance to attend exclusive store openings (like this particular event that I'll be sharing more below)!
Once again, thanks to ION Orchard, I had the privilege to attend the grand opening of Sandro 1st stand-alone store in South East Asia just last week and it's located at ION Orchard level #03-18. 
So stoked to know that Sandro Paris has finally arrived in Singapore! If you do not know, Sandro is a well known designer label in Paris and is a concept of ready to wear apparel, accessories for both men and women. Known for clean lines, a sophisticated aesthetic with a touch of androgynous cool, Sandro features refined and versatile women and men's collections that are distinctively parisan chic. Sandro Paris has a unique style of its own as it focuses a lot on the quality cuts and mix of noble materials and genres.
Besides the above mentioned, Sandro Paris also has a strong celebrity following, to name a few includes Cara Delevingne, Georgia May Jagger and Jessica Alba. Today, Sandro has a huge global following with 406 point of sales worldwide!

 photo 070514DSC02564.jpg

 photo 070514DSC02562.jpg  photo 070514DSC02568.jpg

 photo 070514DSC02566.jpg  photo 070514DSC02565.jpg

 photo 070514DSC02569.jpg

The store was brightly lighted with neat display, and most featured items on their official website were also available here in Asia. For 2014's summer season, Sandro Paris features a mixture of bold colours and classic shades- you can spot chic leather and pleated designs which are currently in trend. Besides this, I thought the fit was really good and was told that these designs sitting in the Asia store are based on Asian's sizing so that's definitely a plus point for us to shop!

 photo 070514DSC02560.jpg The menswear segment.

 photo 070514DSC02561.jpg

 photo 070514DSC02557.jpg

 photo 070514DSC02555.jpg A neat and grand display of the shoes with a comfortable spacious area for you to try.

 photo 070514DSC02553.jpg

 photo 070514DSC02549.jpg

 photo 070514DSC02548.jpg

 photo 070514DSC02546.jpg

 photo 070514DSC02544.jpg

Shopped around the store and took almost 10 outifts to try – had a hard time deciding which is my favourite set!  photo 070514DSC02521.jpg

 photo 070514DSC02513.jpg

 photo 070514DSC02497.jpg

 photo 070514DSC02489.jpg

 photo 070514DSC02477.jpg

 photo 070514DSC02471.jpg

 photo 070514DSC02470.jpg

 photo 070514DSC02461.jpg

 photo 070514DSC02458.jpg

 photo 070514DSC02451.jpg

 photo 070514DSC02447.jpg Sandro Paris offers a variety of casual, dressy and corporate styles as you can see from above. I like that the designs are very minimalist and definitely allow one to create each individual unique styles for different occasions. Additionally, even the simplest design has a unique detailing on it (eg. a clean blazer embellishments at the bottom) which is why Sando Paris designs stand out from the rest.

 photo 070514DSC02535.jpg

 photo 070514DSC02539.jpg Love this pair of shoes!

Do head down to check out Sandro Paris and am sure you will be as excited as I am once you've stepped into the store!

ION Orchard is currently looking for a special someone to be the ION Insider! If you have a unique blog persona or a distinctive voice within the online crowd, do join in the fun by registering an account at  as they search for ION Orchard’s resident blogger(s). Be the first to get your hands on the latest beauty products or review the newest F&B offerings. Last but not least, you get to gain entry into ION Orchard's exclusive store opening (like the above), fashion soirees, red carpet events, and rub shoulders with the glitterati and more too!

Definitely one of the best malls in Singapore and you wouldn't want to miss this. Wait no more!

7 months ago05-15 05:09 by Beatrice Tan

It's the fashion week this week and here's a shot of us all at Prabal Gurung's opening show yesterday <3

 photo 150514DSC03161.jpg With the gorgeous ones – Guan Min, dear Vel and Willabelle.

A big THANK YOU to Mercury PR for the invite, and for being so kind to put us at the front row. Too blessed, too lucky and very thankful ♥

Thank you John from Salon Vim for the hair, Miss Selfridge for the outfit and Alison for the styling ;)

More on instagram – beatricesays and check out #AFFSG or #AFFinsider for behind-the-scenes takes and updates on the go!

7 months ago05-10 19:45 by Beatrice Tan


Headed down to Nine West Summer Private Preview and was really excited to know that Nine West fashion came to Singapore for the very first time! Besides fashion apparel, you can easily mix and match an entire outfit from head to toe with their fashion accessories and shoes as well. Nine West also introduced four main collections for the upcoming summer season, featuring bold and preppy colours.

It was a fun-filled evening with tapas, wine and even pampering treats such as manicure sessions organized by the Nine West team, in collaboration with The Pink Parlour. But the highlight of the night was definitely the fashion show put together by the team, showcasing key essentials for the upcoming summer seasons. Gotta love the bright, vibrant hues accompanied with white base. Got to know from the experts that this season's trend is all about adding chalkiness to it – meaning that there's a white base to the prints or designs and this perfectly describes the entire Nine West fashion for this summer.  Nine West fashion has many stunning floral prints as well, sitting on styles/cuts that are suited to Singapore's all year summer season. More below!

 photo 240414DSC09783.jpg

 photo 240414DSC09875.jpg


 photo 240414DSC09806.jpg

 photo 240414DSC09803.jpg

 photo 240414DSC09801.jpg

 photo 240414DSC09868.jpg

 photo 240414DSC09776.jpg Love how they display the designs accordingly to the hues. Spot the gorgeous pieces!

 photo 240414DSC09764.jpg

 photo 240414DSC09780.jpg

 photo 240414DSC09765.jpg

 photo 240414DSC09768.jpg  photo 240414_B5A1483.jpg

As you can see from the display, many very gorgeous pieces in stores and I had a hard time choosing an outfit. Attended the event with Jessica and lucky us got to pick an outfit each to wear. Here is a shot of us wearing Nine West from Head to Toe -  Great thanks to the Nine West Team for seeding us with these amazing pieces!  photo 240414DSC09827.jpg

 photo 240414_B5A1466.jpg

 photo 240414DSC09823.jpg We got to meet some new friends that day too ;) Thanks for coming!

 photo 140414DSC09791.jpg

 photo 240414DSC09787.jpg

More pictures taken on that day and scroll down to see more snapshots of the catwalk – featuring Nine West Summer '14 collection!  photo 240414DSC09819.jpg   photo 240414DSC09798.jpg

 photo 240414DSC09869.jpg  photo 0605141DSC09820.jpg These looks are in fact from Nine West's Full Contrast Collection – where the back-to-basics black and white trend continue to be a mainstay in this whole range, with a monochromatic update that takes contrast up a notch!

 photo 240414DSC09817.jpg  photo 240414DSC09812.jpg

These looks below are from the Full contrast Marine Collection - It's all about soothing hues of chambray and ultramarine. Interestingly, the inspirations came from surprising fabled Greece and its crystal blue Aegean waters!  photo 240414DSC09836.jpg  photo 0605141ddddd.jpg

For the Ultralight Collection -  It features vibrant hues together with feminine silhouettes.  photo 240414DSC09842.jpg  photo 0605141DSC09856.jpg  photo 240414DSC09853.jpg

And you can spot sparkling hues to a sweet palette of soft pastels, pinks and neutral contrasts in the Next Sweetness Collection.  photo 240414DSC09888.jpg  photo 240414DSC09886.jpg

 photo 240414DSC09880.jpg  photo 0605141ffffff.jpg

 photo 240414_B5A1864.jpg

 photo 240414_B5A1877.jpg

Nine West Fashion is available at their three main boutiques: 1. Nine West Wisma Atria Shopping Centre, #01-08 to 10             2. Nine West Raffles City Shopping Centre, #01-33             3. Nine West Marina Bay Sands, #B2 – 08            

But if you are looking for their shoes , you can visit the counters as well: - Takashimaya Orchard - Tangs Orchard - Robinsons Orchard - Metro Paragon - Isetan Scotts

If you have any queries, feel free to contact Nine West at their customer service hotline 6293 5322.

There are many more designs in the entire Nine West Summer collection and you can view the rest HERE.

You'll be very happy to know that Nine West is going online too! You can now shop conveniently at home or in the office online for Nine West Fashion (including designs that are not available in Singapore!) by visiting their e-commerce site: Shipping time is from 3 to 7 working days, depending on its availability locally or internationally and it's of a flat shipping rate of USD15. That's considered pretty reasonable given that my shipping cost so much more back then when I shopped at some other international sites. Furthermore, there will be exciting promotions and free shipping from time to time, so do make sure you subscribe to their mailing list to be updated!

Besides shopping for Nine West Fashion on, you are able to purchase other prominent labels that are not available in Singapore such as: - BETSEY JOHNSON - CAROLINNA ESPINOSA - EQ:IQ - JEANNE PIERRE - STEVE MADDEN (oh no, this is going to be too convenient for me to spend)

Do check out more of their fashion apparel and be one of the first few who owns them – more over at their boutiques if you wish to feel the pieces and have a good time shopping!

7 months ago05-08 18:02 by Beatrice Tan

Received a really disappointing news today. Probably a bit more disappointed than usual because I had/was given hope for it. It makes me ponder if efforts equate to results, sincerity to loyalty, honesty to trust, perseverance to accomplishments, reflections to developments. Feels like a struggle right now because so much was given/invested, so much was thought about, so much determination, so much hope, so many experiments, so many setbacks and disappointments…. counting my blessings really helped for a good while and for some reason, it doesn't work as well as the past now. Maybe it has become such an instant consolation whenever disappointments happened, that it clouded vision to determine the crux of the problem. Or maybe the rewards in comparison to the setbacks were too far away to be seen. Somehow it feels as though I'm back to where I was standing right when I started.

I don't know what else I can do. Tried learning as much along the way, reflected hard and sought advice when reasons couldn't be understood. Some time back I was searching for the light at the end of the tunnel.. why does it seem so dim still. I wonder if it will ever come, how else can I improve and what are the alternatives. For the longest time I've no answers and still no answers.

- –

Thank you Sha, for accompanying me today <3

7 months ago05-07 17:10 by Beatrice Tan

 photo DSC02599.jpg

So I spent the weekend heading back to Klarra's workspace to clear some work and stayed all the way there till 9 plus. Felt like I was literally going bonkers on that particular day and definitely needed some comfort what-ever so I made a trip down to one of my usual hangout places. Really tired, stressed up and the past two months have been rather difficult. >.< Too many reasons to start explaining what's happening so I guess I'll keep it that way. Hope I'll get a good sleep tonight.

Hope you guys are not feeling the same way too but if you are…….let's all hang on!

8 months ago05-05 07:26 by Beatrice Tan


 photo 140414DSC09975.jpg A couple of weeks ago, I was very excited when I was told that I'll be involved in a Logitech Campaign as I personally have been a loyal customer of theirs. If you have noticed the pictures in my previous entries, you would know that I'm using a Logitech Mouse for the longest time and I purchased a Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio not too long ago for my Ipad Mini.

Coincidentally, the campaign is about the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio and Logitech has been very kind to pass me a brand new set which was exactly the same model/colour as my original set!! My parents just recently gifted my sister an Ipad Mini for her 21st birthday so this should be a perfect add-on to her new toy and I bet she's gonna be really happy ;)  Although I secretly wished that I had delayed my purchase when I first found out about the campaign but actually, it would still be the same because I would still purchase it for my sister or me because we both like the idea of having a keyboard attached to our tablets to type!

 photo 140414DSC09966.jpg

 photo 140414DSC09964.jpg

One of the reasons why I chose Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio was because it was strongly recommended by a friend of mine and she really loves how productive, convenient for her when it comes to doing work/surfing on the go. I used to bring my laptop around with me as I needed to do work along the way and that can be quite a hassle. Furthermore, my laptop wasn't exactly that light to begin with and it wasn't easy nor convenient to bring it out. So I was really happy to receive the Ipad as my birthday gift and although it was much smaller/lighter than my laptop, I realised it was difficult to do my work/emails on the Ipad. Or rather, I felt unproductive because I couldn't type as fast without a keyboard as I tend to rely on those short cut keys quite often!

It's way much more productive and convenient now that I've gotten the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio for my Ipad Mini. Bring it everywhere I go in my handbag and basically, I can do work almost everywhere. Thanks to having a traditional keyboard, I use my ipad mini to blog at times when I'm out too – definitely an ideal and functional accessory for Ipad Mini(s)!

You will be happy to know that the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio for Ipad Mini is not only just a keyboard but it is 3-in-1-  It’s a protective case, a keyboard and a stand!

 photo 140414DSC09972.jpg

 photo 140414DSC09970.jpg

 photo 140414DSC09967.jpg

Here's a list of detailed features that you might be keen to know: - It's a QWERTY Keyboard (just like our normal keyboards) - It's a Bluetooth Keyboard - You can type as fast as you would on a computer with the reassuring “click” of traditional keys - Has real time-saving iOS® shortcut keys such as cut, copy and paste - One of the thinnest and lightest keyboard folio, engineered with state-of-the-art materials in a protective package - Two-sided protection: Two-sided case that helps protect the front and back of your iPad mini from accidental bumps, scratches and spills - Dual-view stand: Holds your iPad mini in two ideal positions: upright for typing and flat with the keyboard hidden for browsing and viewing content - View Stand and Screen Cover: The cover protects the screen of your iPad when you’re not using it, and its built-in stand lets you enjoy content on the iPad mini without having to hold it - Instant On/Off: Automatically wakes your iPad mini when you open the cover and puts it to sleep when you close it - Seamless Simplicity: Thanks to a clever magnetic clip, you can attach the keyboard quickly with the powerful click of integrated magnets - Rechargeable: Three months of battery life on a full charge and recharging the keyboard is easy using the included USB cable - Available in three colours: Carbon Black, Green Leash, Veil Grey, SGD$129.00 (iPad Air version available in Carbon Black, Midnight Blue, Mars Red Orange, SGD$139.00) - Awarded the ‘Best Keyboard Brand’ Readers Choice Award in the HWM+HWZ Tech Awards 2014.

 photo 140414DSC09979.jpg

 photo 140414DSC09977.jpg 

 photo 140414DSC09973.jpg

 photo 140414DSC09974.jpg

 photo 140414DSC09985.jpg  photo 140414DSC09982.jpg

 photo 140414DSC09980.jpg

Other more technical information that you might like to know ;)

Product Specifications: 1. Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio (iPad Mini) - Dimensions (L x W x H): 215 mm x 149 mm x 19.3 mm - Weight:  285g

2. Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio (iPad Air ) - Dimensions (L x W x H): 255.5 mm x 185.1 mm x 20.15 mm - Weight:  425g

3. Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover (iPad Mini) - Dimensions (L x W x H): 200 mm x 140.7 mm x 7.3 mm - Weight: 220 g

4. Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover (iPad Air) - Dimensions (L x W x H): 240mm x 169.5mm x 7.3mm - Weight: 330g

Logitech offers a full line-up of products for iPad and iPad Mini. For ultrathin keyboard covers to stylish keyboard folios with FabricSkin keyboards, that have got you covered. You can check out Logitech keyboards at most Apple Premium Resellers, Challenger and other Logitech authorized resellers if you are interested! ;)

 photo 140414DSC09955.jpg  photo 140414DSC09953.jpg

 photo 140414DSC09948.jpg  photo 140414DSC09929.jpg

Last but not least, you can stand a chance to receive a Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Mini (do note that this is similar but different product) or the Logitech Folio Protective Case! What you simply have to do is: - Like ‘Logitech Singapore’ facebook page - Leave a comment here in the blog and share which product and why you would like to win - Two winners will be chosen by 30th April and you'll be contacted via email for the collection

Hope you get a chance to try out this Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio too and I'm sure you will love it!

Join in the fun and you might just receive a surprise in your inbox! ;)

8 months ago04-27 12:46 by Beatrice Tan

  photo 250414DSC02198.jpg

 photo 250414DSC02199.jpg Outfit: In Klarra's Rita Textured Cropped Top in Black

Had a food tasting session at Catalunya this weekend and oh boy, it was SO good! Easily one of the best brunches I've ever had and can't wait to share more about it after I've sorted out/edited the photos.

Was just done with lunch and am back to Klarra's workspace to clear some outstanding work. Went Ikea yesterday to get some necessities (so I convinced myself heh) for the office/warehouse such as paintings (for the bathroom, and I'm still looking out for nice ones to put in the office), dispensers, tea/coffee cups, candles etc – in attempts to make it a comfortable second home <3 Gonna set them up later and am taking a break now, typing this entry and just made myself a nice, hot cuppa Nespresso Caramel Latte (second favourite after the Vanilla capsule) to perk myself for the afternoon!

 photo 270414DSC02231.jpg Wore my new champagne heels from Xquisis out today. Gotta love the metal heel and the silkish-texture <3

 photo 270414DSC02226.jpg  photo 270414DSC02220.jpg

 photo 270414DSC02222.jpg  photo 270414DSC02224.jpg

 photo 270414DSC02206.jpg

 photo 270414DSC02228.jpg Love anything gold and the champagne gold of this pair <3

Quality of the shoes is very decent, prices are very reasonably-priced and besides shoes, Xquisis has a wide selection of bags as well. Many more designs over at Xquisis and enter 'Beatrice' upon checkout to enjoy complimentary normal postage for any two items purchased!

- -

After a year half hiatus, I'm back to golf again and have been visiting the range for lessons for the past few weeks. Been practicing with my brand new gorgeous clubs from Puma Cobra and that was probably one of the motivation factors – new clubs! Got to know some friends from the Puma Cobra team and knowing that I was looking to refresh/improve my golf swings, I was recommended to Brandon, a young, talented guy who is a golf professional and has been using Puma Cobra clubs for the longest time!

My swings were extremely stiff and rusty due to the lack of play but thank goodness for a patient coach, I managed to hit some decent shots during the first lesson. And for some reason, I thought the Puma Cobra clubs were easier to use compared to my old clubs – perhaps using lightweight clubs (for ladies) help and I must say these puma cobra women's baffler clubs are pretty light to begin with. The women's baffler irons have an oversized face with a large progressive offset design as well and I guess this aspect of it is very helpful to help produce high trajectory as well as forgiving, draw-biased ball flights!

 photo 230414DSC01319.jpg  photo 230414DSC01322.jpg

 photo 230414DSC01325.jpg

 photo 230414DSC01348.jpg  photo 230414DSC01347.jpg  photo 230414DSC01330.jpg

 photo 230414DSC01331.jpg

 photo 230414DSC01349.jpg Always like Puma for its apparel and shoes too and here's Brandon and I, fully decked in bright new outfits from Puma!

First lesson was concentrated more on getting the right swing and getting used to it. Much more practice sessions needed and thanks for the help, Brandon. See you soon for the next lesson!

8 months ago04-23 17:20 by Beatrice Tan

Dated mummykins for a spa date the other day and we decided to book an appointment with Spa Club (previously showcased pictures of their spa boutique here) to try out their massage treatments.  Spa Club is located conveniently at Beach Road, which is just opposite Shaw Tower and beside purvis street. Happy to find out that there is also a spacious carpark situated just around the corner so that makes the location even more accessible ;)    photo 230414DSC01215.jpg

 photo 230414DSC01212.jpg We were welcomed with a hot towel and a cuppa freshly brewed ginger tea.

 photo 230414DSC01218.jpg We had the option to choose the massage oil that we preferred as well, depending on what we were looking at i.e stress relief, relaxing etc.

 photo 230414DSC01226.jpg

 photo 230414DSC01223.jpg

 photo 230414DSC01227.jpg With mummykins <3

It was my first time at Spa Club so we had a quick tour around the place, visiting the rooms and facilities..  photo 230414DSC01236.jpg

 photo 230414DSC01234.jpg We had the couple room to enjoy our treatment ;)

 photo 230414DSC01243.jpg

 photo 230414DSC01251.jpg   photo 230414DSC01245.jpg Besides massages, Spa Club offers other services such as facial and slimming treatments. You can view their full menu here!

 photo 230414DSC01263.jpg  photo 230414DSC01258.jpg Gotta love the beauty corner at Spa Club!

 photo 230414DSC01266.jpg  photo 230414DSC01248.jpg

 photo 230414DSC01256.jpg The resting lounge.

 photo 230414DSC01281.jpg

 photo 230414DSC01239.jpg One of the highlights of Spa Club would definitely be the shaved ice mountain. A bucket of ice with a cold towel will be provided when you enter the steam bath room and this helps you to feel more hydrated and comfortable under the heat.

 photo 230414DSC01275.jpg

 photo 230414DSC01293.jpg

 photo 230414DSC01292.jpg

 photo 230414DSC01284.jpg Soaking in the jacuzzi with cut fruits, snacks and drinks!

Thumbs up for the service because the therapist attended to us was really patient and thoughtful and both mommy and I had a really good pampering time there. Definitely a weekend well-spent and a spa date was perfect for some mommy-daughter bonding time <3

Spa Club is having a mother day's special and from April 22nd to 31st May, you can get to enjoy these treatments with your mom! Do book your appointment early to avoid disappointment ;)  photo MothersDayxSpaclubPromo.jpg

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