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4 weeks ago11-20 22:40 by AwkwardMessages


4 weeks ago11-20 22:39 by AwkwardMessages


4 weeks ago11-17 21:53 by AwkwardMessages

walmart problems

4 weeks ago11-17 06:55 by AwkwardMessages


1 month ago11-15 11:54 by AwkwardMessages


1 month ago11-06 00:24 by AwkwardMessages


1 month ago11-03 23:05 by AwkwardMessages


1 month ago11-03 19:26 by AwkwardMessages

moving on

2 months ago10-29 18:40 by AwkwardMessages

The time that Grandma had enough on Facebook

2 months ago10-29 16:56 by AwkwardMessages


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