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Asus Zenfone Smartphone Android Terbaik - Essentially, creating chocolate begins with the conversion of cacao tree beans into the bars of chocolate we tend to see within the market shelves. another individuals fancy uptake the cacao tree beans in its raw type, since it's the essential part that we tend to crave for within the processed chocolates.A chocolate maker should have persistent attention to detail and dedication to constant active. This guide won't guarantee to create a chocolate manufacturing plant out of your room, however it'll sure as shooting provide you with the essential idea-- merely enough for you to fancy a bar or 2 of chocolate at any time you would like while not pain your budget. Moreover, since you're directly concerned in creating your chocolate, you get to grasp the materials and quantity of calories you're inserting in each bar.It begins with Cocoa Beans If you're accustomed to production low, it's kind of like the start of the chocolate-making method. you would like to roast the beans. But then, don't roast it an excessive amount of. Initially, place it during a warm temperature, then slowly decreasing the temperature afterward. flip the warmth off right before the instant the beans hit their cracking or limit. you'll try this either on your kitchen appliance.Or if you're attending to feed many folks together with your chocolate, have a bigger instrumentality to accommodate the massive range of beans. From time to time, check the style of your chocolate. the instant you begin tasting chocolate from the cocoa, it's additionally Associate in Nursing indicator to show off the warmth.After cooking, the beans should be cracked open, removing the laborious husks. you'll try this by hand or with use of atiny low hammer. reckoning on the dimensions of your beans, you'll Asus Zenfone Smartphone Android Terbaik use different tools for cracking, since the husks aren't that helpful for uptake. Once the husks area unit removed, you'll currently grind the remaining parts till it liquefies. you need to completely liquefy the same concoction so as to assist you become a home chocolatier.Coco gets refined over time. The process of conching involves the refinement of chocolate. it's going to need you to own bound instrumentality like the Sancha trained worker, that may be a common favorite among home chocolatiers. this can be wherever you begin adding sugar and milk as a part of the delicious chocolate mixture.You will got to refine and gastropod for a protracted time, some ten to thirty hours long, till you accomplish the balance of the ingredients. Excessive refinement can flip your chocolate into gum, thus be terribly careful. At now, even after you let the mixture rest, it should not solidify nonetheless.Packaging Chocolates: Tempered when refinement. When you area unit finished refinement your chocolate, you would like to create certain that it's below the correct temperature before you place it within the mildew. Not doing this meticulous tempering method can create your chocolate lumpy and unbalanced.The rich, creamy quality of most chocolate bars within the market come back from effective tempering of the chocolate when refinement. Making Chocolate and therefore the Right thanks to Market Your job Most people love uptake sweets. this can be why chocolates area unit a booming job and have continued its prominence through time. If you recognize your means into creating chocolate, you would possibly moreover earn from the method.It is simple to plug such treat as a result of you may realize people that like it anyplace you go. All you would like to recollect now's however you may be able to market your product the correct means and therefore the most helpful towards your finish.The Four note of selling Consider this strategy after you area unit on the look stage of your sweets job. If you're simply beginning out and simply wish to create further financial gain through the merchandise that you simply also will fancy, here's a short clarification of this idea.Product The first P is that the product. you have got to grasp your product well, during this instance, your chocolates. To be able to tell individuals kickshaws regarding what you're marketing, you need to understand initial and foremost everything regarding it.Yes, it's a decent plan if you may take time to analysis regarding the scientific background of this treat. however you'll additionally simply specialise in what you wish to sell. you'll wish to specialise in chocolate cakes. Or however regarding chocolates in gift baskets? There area unit several choices that you simply will contend such reason.Place Where area unit you located? UN agency lives in your neighborhood? and the way typically does one assume they're going to buy? you have got to believe those things to be able to arrange out consequently what is going to be an enormous hit for these individuals. you need to offer them what they're searching for. you need to gift them with new concepts that you simply area unit terribly certain that they're going to like.It is a decent issue that you simply area unit from the realm. You now not need to resort on hiring individuals to try and do a market research to grasp UN Android agency these individuals area unit. simply unfold your wings and increase your PR. this can additionally increase the chance that these individuals area unit planning to obtain from you.Price You must supply your product at rates that your target market will afford. to determine simply regarding this matter, you need to study your direct competitors. You now not need to rent somebody to try and do this. All you would like is to shop for their product to grasp regarding their rating. you need to not be too secluded from their ways. individuals area unit searching for quality product at rates they'll afford. that the neatest thing that you simply will do is to grant them what they're searching for.Promotion Your biz, but little it's, won't survive while not venturing into promotions. As a startup of atiny low business, you'll begin the excitement regarding you thru word of mouth. to attain this, you need to initial go with a awfully smart product. offer those bent on individuals the primary few days. If you're assured with what you're marketing, for sure, individuals also will find it irresistible. they're going to be your smart supply of free advertising.Turn your hobby of constructing chocolate into a fun-filled and profit generating venture. think about the abovementioned in popping out your job. produce a noise for yourself and establish your name within the trade.

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Having a good Deal on island Vacation Packages With all the strain living within the era provides, island vacation packages will offer you and your dear or your entire family the entire relaxation and fun they have. But, before packing up your things up Associate in Nursingd visit an final vacation in Hawaii's second largest island—Maui—it is best to search out the most affordable and greatest island vacation packages there square measure.Finding nice island vacation packages The best, easiest, cheapest, and most convenient place wherever you'll search for nice island vacation packages is that the web. With simply many clicks on the mouse, you'll open multiple sites that provide low cost however nice island vacation packages for you.To be ready to realize a good deal in island vacation packages, it's best to pay time researching. By doing this, you'll resolve onceis that the best time to travel on a island vacation and pay 0.5 the worth. If you're on a good budget and you'd need to on avacation in island, it's best to book for flight throughout low season. Asus Notebook Terbaik dan Favoritku this may make sure that you get good flights andaccommodation that square measure comparatively cheaper compared to the regular rates throughout the height season.The following square measure a number of the concerns that you just ought to listen to so as to induce nice island vacation packages:1. once square measure you going to continue a island vacation? this can be important as a result of it'll greatly rely the price ofyour entire vacation. For people who need to travel there on peak seasons, expect higher airfares and better accommodation rates.season square measure from the center December to March and on the first week of Gregorian calendar month to the month of Sep.To avoid paying the regular rates for season, book your flight on Apr to could or on Oct to Nov. By doing this you'll confirm thatyou just can get nice accommodations and flights at lower rates.2. what number square measure happening this trip? this can be conjointly a awfully necessary facet to contemplate once probing forisland vacation packages as a result of the pinnacle count can verify what proportion you'll need to pay. Knowing {the total|theentire|the UN agencyle|the full|the overall} range of individuals who are stepping into the holiday as a result of it'll offer you aconcept on what you'll would like like space size, accommodation, food, and different miscellaneous expenses. 3. What quite accommodation {you would like|you would like|you wish}? Knowing specifically quite what accommodation you wish and youneed would create it easier for you to seem for island vacation packages that may fit your budget. once thinking of accommodations,contemplate not solely your desires however conjointly the wants of your companion or the those who are connection your trip.4. What square measure the items or activities {you need|you would like|you wish} to try to to throughout your vacation? Having aneffort list of what you'd want to try to to throughout the length of your keep can offer you a concept what square measure the mosteffective decisions for island vacation packages for you. If you cash to pay, select those vacation packages that embody tours invaried historical sites and different attention-grabbing sites close.Also, select those vacation packages that embody entrance fees in varied museums therefore you will not need to worry carryinganother kind of currency. If you're in an exceedingly tight budget, select vacation packages that solely cowl the fare andaccommodation. this may prevent more money after you get to the destination. it's up to you ways to budget the remainder to maximiseyour vacation.

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Italian folks and your Italy Vacation One smart reason to travel to Italy for your vacation is that the folks. With over fifty eight million folks in a neighborhood concerning the dimensions of the state of Arizona, Italians ar aforesaid to be a number of the friendliest folks within the world. Their love of life, food, ASUS Notebook Terbaik people, art Associate in Nursingd their nice culture steeped in thousands of years of history makes an Italy vacation an excellent alternative for leisure travel. you may realize that the folks ar charming and magnetic.They love family life and music and have a tendency to be giving for free of their feeling. throughout your Italy vacation you may notice that Italians ar happy with their heritage and ASUS Notebook Favoritku dan Terbaik ar keen about everything they are doing. they're terribly hospitable to strangers and fast to share their food and provide their wine or maybe a joke or a story. thus UN agency ar a number of the illustrious Italian those who could also be featured at a number of the sites you will visit on your Italy vacation?One of the foremost illustrious Italian folks is sculpturer sculptor. Not solely did he paint maybe the foremost recognizable image of all time "The Anglesea Island Lisa" however most of the people round the world have detected of him attributable to his painting "The Passover supper." This has become the supply of many controversies like the one depicted within the book and also the picture "The DaVinci Code." throughout your Italy vacation you may without doubt bump into many places that ar tied to the name of this illustrious Italian. as an example he was born and spent ASUS Notebook Terbaik dan Favoritku a lot of on his youth around Florence within the Italian region region and in a while rapt to city. sadly you may not realize the Anglesea Island Lisa on your Italy vacation however the Passover supper is found during a illustrious church known as Santa Maria delle Grazie in city.Galileo is another illustrious Italian additionally from the Florence space known  for his contributions to science, physics and uranology. you'll visit the University of Pisa throughout your Italy vacation if you're curious to understand wherever things began for stargazer. you'll additionally visit the bronze lighting fixture Notebook ASUS within the Cathedral of Pisa that's aforesaid to be wherever stargazer 1st started brooding about his swinging setup theories. he's aforesaid to own regular the swings along with his pulse whereas sitting during this cathedral.Marco Polo is another illustrious Italian. He was a Venetian UN agency traveled and explored the planet. He was buried within the Church of San Lorenzo in Venice {and the|and therefore the|and additionally the} house that's aforesaid to be his actual birthplace in Venice also exists and is frequented by folks on vacation in Italy.Michelangelo is additionally a illustrious Italian whose name can come back up throughout your Italy vacation. As a painter and sculptor he was aforesaid to be a rival of Leonardo {da Vinci|da Vinci|old master|sculptor|sculpturer|carver|statue maker|engineer|applied scientist|technologist|architect|designer} da Vinci's. "The Last Judgment" could be a vast mural he took vi years to color that's on a wall at the Sistine Chapel within the Notebook ASUS Terbaik urban center. It describes the apocalypse or manifestation of Christ. sculptor additionally designed the dome of the St. Peter's Basilica in urban center that you may be ready to see on your vacation in Italy.

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Summer Pool Safety:  The Importance of Supervision You have likely already heard that supervision is the key to keeping a swimming pool fun and safe.  Even still, many pool owners have questions.  One of the most common questions asked is who needs to be supervised.  Honestly, all swimmers do.  Many pool owners and parents, especially parents of teenagers, are actually surprised to hear this.Most drowning accidents involve small children who do not know how to swim.  Most of these accidents result from accidental slips or falls into a swimming pool.  With that said, these are not the only types of pool accidents that can and do occur.  Broken and faulty drainage systems can lead to hair Resep Brownies Kukus entanglement, which may result in drowning.  That is why constant supervision is always recommended for all swimmers, regardless of their age, as you never know.Supervision is also important, as it can help to reduce your liability.  Are you hosting a pool party for your children?  Or, are you hosting an adult party where children will be present?  If so, you may be responsible for the accidents or fatalities that occur on your property, this includes in your swimming pool.  Your liability can and should be reduced if you can prove that you took precautionary measures.  These measures should include a pool alarm and a pool fence, but never underestimate the power of supervision.As for newborns and infants, they should never, under any circumstances, be left alone in or near a swimming pool.  Most parents are well aware of this safety measure, but some have gained a false sense of security with pool accessories. There are a number of swimming pool toys and accessories on the market today that are designed for infants.  They typically involve having a child lay on or sit in a floating device.  Even when these items are used, supervision is required, as they are not considered lifesaving devices.  Experts have even noted that more risk can be assumed, as they can easily slid or turnover.Toddlers and preschoolers should also be supervised at all times.  Never leave a small child alone near a swimming pool, especially one that cannot swim.  In fact, this is the age range when children should start learning how to swim.  Even then, constant monitoring and supervision is required.  Also, at this age, refresher courses at the start of each pool seasons are advised.Returning back to floating devices, there are a number of items that are marketed towards toddlers and preschoolers.  One item that is increasing in popularity is that of swimsuits with built-in floaters.  They are designed to help adults teach children how to swim, but they are not considered lifesaving devices.  There is still the possibility that a child could roll or flip.  When unsupervised, this could result in a small child finding itself stuck underwater.Elementary school aged children should still be supervised when in or around a swimming pool.  Parents are encouraged to teach their children how to swim at this stage if they haven’t already learned.  If you are a pool owner, teach your child yourself or have them take lessons with a trained professional.As for teenagers and adult visitors, they are generally able to safely swim unsupervised, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your eyes and ears open.  If you are a parent, know that just because other parents allow their teens to swim unwatched, you don’t have to do the same.  The real danger for teenage and Resep Brownies Kukus adult swimmers is the risk of entanglement in a drainage system.  For that reason, proper pool care and maintenance should be practiced as well.As highlighted above, it is important to supervisor all swimmers, especially when they are in a pool that you own.  It isn’t the only summer pool safety step that you can take, as pool alarms and fences can also be installed, but it is one of the most important.  Close and careful monitoring of all swimmers can help to protect your loved ones, as well as your wallet.

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Butterflies are beautiful creatures with very short life spans. For this reason they seem to be attracted to beautiful things during their short lives. Brightly colored flowers attract butterflies in droves. This means that flowers such as aster, marigold, black-eyed Susans, and butterfly weed are well known to attract butterflies.Another thing you may wish to consider when selecting flowers for the purpose of attracting these delightful winged creatures to your summer garden is the nectar. This is the essential food for butterflies so a garden that is filled with more nectar producing flowers is likely to garner more than its fare share of attention Kata Kata Bijak from the butterflies nearby. The greater the selection of nectar producing flowers the greater the number of butterflies your garden is likely to attract so be sure to plant plenty and prune them in a manner that produces maximum flowers for maximum impact.In addition to the flowers in your summer garden there are other methods that may be used to attract butterfly to the delight of young and old alike. One of those methods is by placing a several pieces of ripe fruit in your garden. This is another treat for butterflies to enjoy and will attract many that may be in the area.One thing to remember when planting to attract butterflies is that they Kata Kata Bijak do adore worshipping the sun. This means that shady types of gardens aren't best suited for attracting them and won't keep them long if it happens to do so. Plant your butterfly garden in an area that benefits from the full force of the sun most of the day in order to entertain the most possible butterflies and keep in mind that different butterflies are attracted to different plants both as caterpillars and as butterflies. A little further study may produce the best results when seeking the most suitable plants for your butterfly garden depending on the type of butterflies you most hope to attract.You should also avoid using pesticides in a flower garden built to attract butterflies. It wouldn't make sense to attract butterflies to your garden Kata Kata Bijak Mutiara only to harm them through the nourishment they receive while paying your summer garden a visit. Employ organic gardening methods in your butterfly garden for the best results.You should also make sure there is a source of water nearby in order to keep the butterflies well hydrated. They need water just like any other animal. Many gardens these days add water features that keep the water moving (best for avoiding mosquito infestations) while having it freely available for the animals that we are hoping to attract such as birds and butterflies.Our summer gardens are an investment of both time and attention. It is great when we can accomplish more than one beauty as the result of our hard work and effort. A summer garden designed to attract butterflies is a great way to achieve just that.

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Perasaan cinta dimulai dari mata , sementara merasa seperti dimulai dari telinga . Jadi , jika Anda ingin berhenti menyukai seseorang, itu cukup untuk menutupi telinga . Tetapi jika Kata Kata Mario Teguh Anda mencoba untuk menutup mata dari orang yang Anda cintai , cinta akan berubah jadi titik air mata dan terus tinggal di jantung jangka waktu yang cukup lama .Semua orang bisa membahagiakanmu dengan sesuatu yang istimewa , tapi hanya seseorang yang spesial bisa membahagiakanmu tanpa apapun. Anda tidak akan pernah " HANYA BE FRIENDS " dengan seseorang yang Anda gunakan untuk mencintai , sebagai bagian dari diri Anda akan selalu mencintainya .Di mana ada kehadiran, itu adalah di mana ada kehidupan . Dan jika kehadiran penuh cinta , hidup adalah kehidupan yang indah . Cinta dan gairah adalah kekuatan yang membuat keberadaan kita dalam kehidupan ini menjadi kehidupan nilai .Merasa sedih telah lama menjadi ruang tunggu , untuk diselamatkan tanpa memberdayakan kecepatan untuk diselamatkan . Kebahagiaan tidak datang dari luar , tapi tumbuh di hati, yang membibit syukur dan tumbuh karena ketegasan untuk memilih kebaikan sebagai jalan hidup . Lakukan sesuatu dari hati Anda yang bersyukur , lalu lihat apa yang terjadi .Tujuan dari cinta adalah kebahagiaan . Jika tidak senang , itu pasti bukan cinta . Jika Anda sudah cinta 100 % dia masih berbahaya , itu berarti dia 100 % bukan untuk Anda . Satu - satunya persentase yang diijinkan adalah 100 % cinta . Yang lainnya adalah kebahagiaan keras .Said mengatakan kata kata motivasi adalah motivasi untuk menmabah kita atau orang lain , dan kita tahu dengan seseorang yang sangat terampil dalam memotivasi orang lain yaitu perusahaan Kata Kata Cinta Mario Teguh dan mengatakan kata-kata berikut motivasi yang saya rangkum kuat mario dari beberapa situs dan mengucapkan kata-kata motivasi dapat Anda gunakan juga status faecebook atau twitter dan juga status media sosial yuk lain kita membaca dengan seksama kata-kata motivasi hidup Mario tegas di bawah ini mungkin bermanfaat .

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During the Mogul era this form of art gained recognition and dancers were encouraged to perform in royal palaces. To please the art loving rulers more effort was put in to refine the art and more Contoh Surat Melamar Kerja dramatic aspects and rhythms were added. Banaras, Jaipur and Luckhnow are the breeding grounds of this refined art. Kuchipudi nourished in a village Kuchelapuram of the state of Andhra Pradesh which is located in the South. This dance form is famous for its fast footwork and “sculpturesque” body gyrations. It is one kind of dance form where the dancer speaks some dialogues and at other times uses facial expressions and hand gestures. Being honored by UNESCO as the “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” Koodiyattam is the oldest form of Indian Classical dance. It is the traditional dance of the Sanskrit theater of Kerala. The prominent Sanskrit dramatists who dedicated their life to this art form are Bhasa, Kalidaas, Harsha,and Contoh Surat Melamar Kerja Saktibhadra. The attire of the artist is really attractive and outstanding. They stick on artificial beard and huge hips and the makeup, too, which is very loud and the whole face is painted. The most graceful dance form of India is Manipuri. It flourished in the northeastern state of India, Manipur which means a jewel of the land. According to folklore the gods emptied a lake to make Contoh Surat a place to dance and due to this Manipuri dance has become an integral part of the day to day life as well as important occasions like birthdays, wedding, and holy ceremonies. The dancers wear long flared skirts with beautiful embellishments and the main lead who enacts the role of God Krishna wears tall peacock crown playing a flute to whose tune the beautiful girls dance gracefully. Another version of this art form involves Pung Cholam or drum dance, where dancers dance to the tune of drums or pung with fast gyrations taking thrilling leaps. surat lamaran kerja terbaruOdissi originated in Orissa, a state geographically located in the middle of India. The two important facets of this dance form are Abhinaya, a stylized mime involving facial expressions and hand gestures and the other is Nritta or non-representational dance, where ornamental patters are depicted using the body movements. India is a rich country in heritage and culture. Other than the above mentioned variety of theater arts, the others are Chhau, Kathakali, Mohiniattam, and Satriya. Along with these dance forms instruments such as Flute, Pakhawaj, Sitar, Santoor, Sarangi, Sarod, Shehnai, Tabla, and Vina have been deployed to reach great heights of perfection.

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If you will be staying in a hotel, chances are they will have plenty of items you need that you can eliminate from your luggage. Contact the hotel directly or check out their website to be sure. Common items found that you can leave behind include soap, shampoo, conditioner, location, a blow dryer, and an iron. Kata Kata Mutiara CintaIf you do have to pack liquid items, try to use trail sizes or to buy small containers to fill from larger bottles. Make sure these items are placed in a make up bag or a freezer bag. This way if they happen to leak they won’t get on your clothing. You will be amazed at how much room is lost in a suitcase due to not taking the time to fold up items properly. You have to get creative if you want to maximize the amount of space you have. It is easy to place socks and underwear into your shoes so they won’t take up any space at all. Surat Kata Bijak CintaTake a close look at the makeup and perfume you use. It is very possible that you can get by with packing only one kind of perfume and make up colors that offer you plenty of selection. This is more effective than packing your entire make up collection and then deciding what you will use once you arrive. You also want to leave expensive jewelry behind because you don’t want it to get lost or stolen. If you aren’t able to wear it when you travel then it is best not to take it at all.

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Cara Meningkatkan Penjualan Online Terbaru
Deworming Multiple Cats Ah yes, everyone's favorite pet chore. One day you clean your cats' box and discover little white chunks of what appear to be cooked spaghetti lodged in the feces, that is, until one starts to move. You know then that it's time to deworm your cats. If your veterinarian says that your cat doesn't have Cara Meningkatkan Penjualan Online anything particularly tough or nasty then he or she may recommend a regular schedule using commercial dewormers that can be found readily in any pet store. Your veterinarian even may have a good general purpose dewormer on hand for your use. Fortunately, there is a wide range of deworming medicines available on the market. Most are liquid or pill form. If you have only one cat, your task is relatively simple. Choose a dewormer that your cat will find acceptable if not palatable. Many liquid dewormers claim to be very tasty to cats. Unfortunately, many cats would vigorously disagree with that assessment. In such a case, if you have access to a pill form of dewormer that your cat is willing to swallow, you're in luck. If your cat won't swallow pills without major mayhem breaking out and turns his nose up at every liquid dewormer you try, then you have a problem. If you have more than one cat, it can become even more of an issue. If your cats will happily take whatever you offer, then the only thing you have to worry about is keeping the greedy guts from getting more than they should. But, If each of them has a different idea as to what is acceptable (or not) for deworming medicine, then you have a major headache. Rather than cater to each cats whims and maintain a veterinary pharmacy worth of dewormers in your house or routinely running your finicky feline into the veterinarian every to he needs deworming, you might try a different route. You will need a liquid deworming medicine and a syringe. Syringes are readily available in the livestock medication section of farm supply Onetashakir stores. You only need the section with the barrel and plunger. No needles are needed or should even be used. Syringes in farm supply stores usually offer the two sections separately. Select one of smaller size. Your cat won't need large amounts of medicine at any one time. Measure out the proper amount of dewormer for your cat into a measuring cup. A measuring cup usually comes in the package with a liquid dewormer. Take one of your syringes and place the open end (where the needle would normally attach) into the measuring cup and draw the medicine up into the barrel by pulling upward on the plunger. Try to get it all at one time. You could do this task by increments but trying to manage a squirming cat while refilling a syringe really is more difficult than it is worth. Now restrain your cat gently and situate yourself so that you can hold the cat and use the syringe easily. It could require some experimentation to work out a suitable position for the both of you. . If you keep one hand underneath the cats head and cradle his chin it will make this part of the task go more smoothly. Slide the end of the syringe a little bit into your cat's mouth and slowly depress the plunger This will empty the medicine into your cat's mouth slowly enough that he can readily swallow it without choking. Repeat for each cat. Naturally, your cat will not be particularly pleased with this method. He may object rather strenuously. With repetition, however, you will become much smoother with the task. You don't need to rush during this task. Take your time to discover what will work best for you and your cats. Your cats will become more accustomed to it despite themselves. This method will ensure that each Cara Meningkatkan Penjualan Online cat, even your most finicky, gets the proper amount of medicine he needs. And that, of course, is the whole reason for the entire exercise.

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حدوة زغنونةالقاهرة يونيو 1977لما صحيت الصبح النهاردة، كان عمي حسين صاحي وحاطط كرسي في البلكونة وواقف بيشرب شاي، عم حسين بيصحى كل يوم بدري أوي عشان يروح الشغل، بس النهاردة أجازة، وهو فاتح البلكونة، وقاعد مريح بقى، أمي تمللي تقول خناقة بتار ولا قعدة الراجل في الدار، بس عمي حسين لما بيكون قاعد معانا بنقعد نتكلم كتير، يحكيلنا عن البلد في الواحات، وعنه لما جه مصر، واشتغل عد الفرنساويين في السويس، ولما جت حربت 56 وسابوا السويس، وهو رجع على مصر، وكل شوية يفتكر لما كان بينزل يعوم في القناة، عند بورتوفيق، بس النهارة قاعد سااااكت خالص وبيبص على حاجة في البلكونة، وأمي مركزة معاه أوي، عاوزة تشوف بيبص على إيهقعدة البلكونة حلوة؟ دي أمي بتسالتعالي شوفي حاجة، أمي دخلت تشوف الحاجة، وأنا قبلها اتحشرت بينهم، أصل أنا بأعرف أحكي مع عم حسين أكتر من أمي، بس أول ما عم حسين قالها تعالي شوفي حاجة قامت تجري وتتهز، أمي بتبقى عاملة زي البطة، لما تتهز كده، دخلت البلكونةعم حسين شاور على الحيطة اللي قدام البيت، كان فيه حجر ناقص في الحيطة عامل زي ما يكون الراجل نسي الحجر ده، ومكان الحجر اللي في وسط الحيطة، كان فيه قش، وكمان يمامة قاعدة فيه، عم حسين قال، من يوم ما سكنت هنا، وكل مرة فيه يمام بيجي يسكن في الحيطة دي، يمام يبيض، ويفقس، بس اليمامتين دول، بأشوفهم بقالي كتير، كل ما يبيضوا البيض بتاعهم يجراله حاجة، بس شوفي اليمامة، راقدة ع البيض إزاي، دول اللي بنقول عليهم القٍمري، شوفي اليمامة التانية جت إزاي، اليمامة جت باست اليمامة اللي في العشة، وقعدت مكانها، والتانية طارتربنا بس يرزقهم ببيض يفقس، ده عم حسين بيقولآه والنبي، ويرزقك يا فوزية بالخلف الصالح، أصل فوزية قريبتنا أمي بتحبها أوي، وكل شوية تدعلها، بس كلنا ولادها، حتى ماما بطة، هي كمان ما عندهاش ولاد، بس ربت ولاد عمي، وعمري ما عرفت أنها مش مامتهم غير لما أمي بتقعد تدعي لها على اللي عملته معاهمكله بأمره، ما حدش يعرف الخير فينتعرفي اليمام ده، كل يوم الصبح يصحى يسبح ربنا تسمعيه لما يقولوحدوا ربكم، وحدوا ربكم، وحدوا ربكمولا الكروان اللي في قليوب وإحنا راجعين من الكورة باليل، يطير في السما ويقولالملك لك لك يا صاحب الملك
كل حاجة بتسبح ربنا، اومال إيه، وهو اللي بإيده كل حاجةبصيت على البلكونة من تحت، سامح صاحبي، واقف تحت البلكونة ومعاه الحمار بتاعهم، هما عندهم حمار، وساعات بنركبه، بس عم عبده بتاع الجراين كان بيجيب جرانين بتاعت الصبح، في المدرسة أبلة سلوى علمتنا إزاي نعمل مجلة من الجرانين، نجيب الجرنان ونشوف موضوع مهم، وتاني يوم، نجيب جرنان تاني، ونشوف لو كاتبين عن نفس الموضوع، لغاية بقى لما نجمع الموضوع كله، وبعدين نقعد نقصقص الجرنان ونعمل إحنا الموضو، نقطع الكلام من الجرنان، بس نحط عليه كلام من عندناعم عبده رس الجرانين، وأنا نزلت جري على تحت، أديته قرشين وخدت جرنان الأخبار، وطول ما أنا طالع على السلم أقرأ الجرنان، يا نهار أبييييييييييضالعثور على الشيخ الذهبي مقتولاًجماعة التكفير والهجرة تعلن مسئوليتها عن الحادثمين الشيخ الذهبي دهطلعت على طول على فوقعم حسين، مين الشيخ الذهبي ده؟ده وزير الأوقاف اللي خطفوه، كاتبين إيه عنه؟كاتبين إنهم موتوه، ضربوه برصاصة في عينه الشمالعينه الشمال، ليه كده حرام عليهم،حد يموت شيخ، هيروحوا من ربنا فين؟ دي أمي بتعلق على الأحداثهو أتخطف أمتى؟انا عندي الجرانين القديمة جوة، هتقعد بقى تقص وتلزق، الجرانين بتاعت اليومين اللي فاتت على الدولابهوب، حطيت رجلي على ضرفة الدولاب، ونطيت كنت فوق الدولاب، وجبت الجرنان بتاع النهاردة كمان معايا، أحلى حتة بأقعد فيها في بيتنا فوق الدولاب، بس أمي لما تكون في البيت ما أقدرش أعمل كدهبس جبت الجرانين كلهاده الأول، ده التاني، ده التالتاختطاف الشيخ الذهبي من بيته في الفجرالجماعة الخاطفة، تطلب فدية مائتي الف جنيهجماعة التكفير والهجرة تعلن مسئولتها عن الحادثالعثور على الشيخ الذهبي مقتولاً برصاصة في عينه اليسرى في شقة في الهرمطب ليه؟ مش عارفيابني أنزل من ع الدولابطب امسكي الجرانين دينزلت ومعايا القصاقيص، والصمغ، وقعدت أعمل الموضوعالشيخ الذهبي شكله حلو أوي، هو وزير الأوقاف يعني بتاع الجوامع؟الله يرحمهطب ليه ضربوه في عينه الشمال؟سامح نده من تحتيا أحممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممدعاوز إيه؟أنزل نروح مشوار بالحمارطيب اقرأ الجرنان وآجيجرنان!!!!ياد أنزل معايا الحمار، قبل أبويا ما ييجيلما اخلص الجرنانما كملتش الكلمة، ولقيته طالع بيخبط ع البابأبلتي، أحمد فين؟جوة يا حبيبي رايحين فين؟هنجيب أكل للحماروبالمرة هاتلكم سندوتشين أنتم كمان بدل ما تاكلوا أكل الحمار، دي أمي لما تهزرسامح دخل، لقاني فارش الجرانين على الأرض، وقاعد عمال اقص والزق،يا بني الحمار هيمشيمش قلتلك ما تشتمشطيب يلا بقىنزلت أنا وهو على الشارع، هما ليه ضربوا الشيخ في عينه الشمال؟ مش عارف، طب ليه ضربوهلقيت الحمار واقف، وعليه الحبل اللي بنربطه بيه لما نجري بيه، بصيت ع الحمار، وقعدت أديله برسيم، عيون الحمار كانت واسعة أوي، سامح قاللي هنركبله حدوة النهاردة في رجله، ويبقى زي الحصان طول ما هو ماشي يعمل درجن درجن، ركبنا ع الحمار إحنا الاتنين، وقعدنا نمشي بيه من الفواطية، لسوق باب الشعرية، وبعدين طلعنا على شارع الجيش أدام قسم باب الشعرية عند الراجل اللي بيركب الحدوة للحمار، الحمار وقف ما عملش حاجة، وإحنا قعدنا نلاعبه والراجل بيركبله الحدوة الجديدة، يلا يا عم جزمة جديدة، سامح قاللي يا نهار اسوح الواد عوض أهوعوض مين؟اللي شغال عند أبويا، ده الحمار مش بيحبه، طول النهار يضرب الحماربتعملوا إيه؟ ده عوض بيسألبنركب حدوة للحصانهأقف معاكمووقف معانا، ركبنا الحدوة وركبنا تاني على الحمار، وعوض كان واقف، الحمار مشي بينا شوية، وعمال يعمل درجن درجن زي أحمد مظهر، عوض كان معاه خشبة، جري ورا الحمار وبعزم ما فيه، ضربه على ظهرهالحمار وجعته أوي الضربة، جري بينا، وجري وجري وجري، أنا وقعت من على الحمار، بس وأنا بأقع رجلي أتعلقت في الحبل، الحبل كان معمول من حاجة جامدة أوي، لف على ركبتي من ورا، الحمار عمال بيجري، وأنا على الأرض، والحبل على ركبتي من ورا، وبأصرخ أوي، يا عوض ضربت الحمار ليه، حرام عليك، هو أنتم كلكم بس بتضربوا وخلاص، سامح نط من على الحمار، وعمال يوقفه بس الحمر، الضربة وجعاه، سامح وقف يتخانق مع عوض، والحمار مش عاوز يوقف لحد، والناس بتجري وراه، وأنا على الأرض مسحوب من الحبل، أنا نفسي بيروح، ودماغي بتخبط في الأسفلت جامد، والناس في الآخر مسكت الحمار، وشالتني على القهوة، الراجل جابلي حبة بن، ولقيت واحد ماسك عصايا ورايح يضرب الحمار تاني، سامح قاله إيه يا عم مالكش دعوة بالحمار، أنا ركبتي من ورا اتقطع فيها حتة، الراجل قاللي خدوه على المستشفى خيطوهالو، وودوني على مستشفى سيد جلال، وأنا داخل لقيت عم سعيد، هو ماعرفنيش، ندهت عليهعم سعيد عم سعيد، أنا أحمدما شاء الله كبرت يا أبو حميد، إيه ده مالكحكيت لعم سعيد اللي حصل، قاللي، معلش الحمار ما لوش ذنب، الذنب ع البني آدم الغبي اللي ضربه

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