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18 minutes ago09-02 18:49 by strangeLine
Sculptures of glass and concrete (5)
Inspired by the waves, New Zealander artist Ben Young, combines his passion for surfing with his sculptures of glass and concrete, created by hand.

7 hours ago09-02 12:21 by strangeLine
Creative Bedroom Headboard Ideas books
These inspiring creative bedroom decoration ideas start with an interesting headboard.

7 hours ago09-02 12:05 by CONTEMPORIST

heri&salli have designed Office Off, a new office building for facade design company ‘FOB-face of buildings”, located in Burgenland, Austria.










Project description

The architect’s office heri&salli from Vienna designed in Burgenland/Austria on behalf of the facade design company “FOB-face of buildings” a new office building made of wood.

Though normally a place dedicated to “work”, from the beginning the concept of quality of life and leisure culture took a mayor part in the planning. The traditional aspect of “going to work” therefore has received minor consideration.

Integrated meeting points, attached living and relax areas, as well as a gym, a fire pond converted into a swimming pool, common areas outside and a climbing wall in the 3 floor high entrance hall try to embed the task “work” in a living environment – OFFICE OFF!

By considerating modern energetic and technical solutions which aim to reach energetic independence the building achieves a sustainable and economic reference to its environment. It was very important to embed the building in an equilibrated ecological relation with its inhabitants.

From the material point of view a compressed climate envelope was integrated in a spatial grid structure, departing from the boundaries of the property as a plane piece of land. If we understand and use the grid structure as a spatial possibility of a functional expansion, the shell is a kind of membrane lying in between, that is broken again and again, without leaving the outlined area.

At the blurred borders of the shell, similar to cracks, as well as through purposefully arranged cubes light filters into the enclosed interior.

All interior furnishing like work-tables, conference tables, shelves, wardrobe, etc …including sleeping bunks was designed individually.

oo_020914_01 oo_020914_02 oo_020914_03 oo_020914_04 oo_020914_05 oo_020914_06 oo_020914_07 oo_020914_08 oo_020914_09 oo_020914_11 oo_020914_12 oo_020914_12a oo_020914_14 oo_020914_14a oo_020914_15 oo_020914_16 oo_020914_17 oo_020914_19 oo_020914_20 oo_020914_21 oo_020914_22 oo_020914_23 oo_020914_24 oo_020914_25 oo_020914_26 oo_020914_27 oo_020914_28 oo_020914_29 oo_020914_30 oo_020914_31 oo_020914_32 oo_020914_33 oo_020914_34

Architect: heri&salli Team: Klaus Molterer

Photography by © paul ott photografiert

9 hours ago09-02 09:54 by CONTEMPORIST

HG-Architecture | LIVE COMPONENTS have been commissioned by the National Musem of Modern and Contemporary Art in Korea, to create ‘Part to Whole’, an installation made from 9076 pieces of wood.










Everything in nature is made up of components. It starts from basic components like atoms and molecules, and grows to bigger components like tissues and organs in order to construct a ‘live’ body. The artificial environment is quite the same. It all starts with basic components like points and lines, and grows to surface and finally construct a space.

Part to Whole is ‘space’ defined by the whole came from the flow of repetition. The set of circles moving along the curve constructs continuous void space. It digs the specific volume out of the cube, which maximizes available space and minimizes materials at the same time. Part to Whole is ‘stippling’ composed of void and solid. The whole of mass consists of voids and solids by 50:50. Depending on people’s positions and views, it creates 2-dimensional patterns by points or lines, which produces 3-dimensional space and form. Part to Whole is ‘structure’ constructed by the set of parts. It shows the qualities of tectonics through weaving and stacking the wooden modules. Likewise the traditional wooden structure of Korea, it makes the whole stable by using the quality of materials, and maximizes tectonics through the methods of construction.

Exhibition dates: 2014.08.12 ~ 2015.1.11

pw_020914_01 pw_020914_02 pw_020914_03 pw_020914_04 pw_020914_05 pw_020914_06 pw_020914_07 pw_020914_08 pw_020914_09 pw_020914_10 pw_020914_11 pw_020914_12 pw_020914_13 pw_020914_14 pw_020914_16 pw_020914_17 pw_020914_18 pw_020914_19 pw_020914_20 pw_020914_21 pw_020914_22

Design: HG-A | LIVE COMPONENTS Construction: Housing Plus Sponsors: Housing Plus, Korea Forest Service

All Photos © Kyungsub Shin

11 hours ago09-02 08:07 by CONTEMPORIST

Another recently completed residence by Tim Stewart Architects is the Bowler House, located in Paddington, Queensland.









Project description

This new residence in Paddington, Queensland involved the integration of a contemporary design aesthetic within the highly constrained planning requirements of the traditional inner-city suburb. The house implores an open-plan design strategy whereby spaces are defined by the series of internal steps that enable the house to follow the grade of the steeply sloping site, while still maximizing the potential for city views.

bp_020914_01 bp_020914_02 bp_020914_03 bp_020914_04 bp_020914_05 bp_020914_06 bp_020914_07 bp_020914_08 bp_020914_09 bp_020914_10 bp_020914_11 bp_020914_12 bp_020914_13 bp_020914_14

Architect: Tim Stewart Architects Photography by Christopher Frederick Jones

14 hours ago09-02 05:10 by NOTCOT.ORG
Shovava Wings Scarves. Created by Australia-based artist Roza Kamitova, each gorgeous and elegant piece is covered with the artist’s hand drawn paintings and prints. (Want more? See and

15 hours ago09-02 04:10 by NOTCOT.ORG
The Art of Jeannie Lynn Paske opens at Rivet in Columbus, OH on Saturday, September 6. This work "What Will Happen The Next Time The Mob Comes?" is available for sale. (Want more? See and

16 hours ago09-02 03:10 by NOTCOT.ORG
Dina Gonzalez Mascaro Wronger Rings. "The wronger series are nice, perfect, tidy rings until I cut them, file them, mark them, trying in some way to destroy the "perfection", then each one has it's own unique wrongness: f*!k jewellery!" (Want more? See and

17 hours ago09-02 02:10 by NOTCOT.ORG
White chocolate skull by the Frosted Petticoat. Skull is dusted in edible shimmer. (Want more? See and

19 hours ago09-01 23:57 by 1 Design Per Day
“Yokohama Sand Art Exhibition 2014“ is a Sand Art festival taking part in Japan these days is bringing together the best sculptorsto work on the this year theme “Culture City of East Asia“. The result is absolutely stunning!      

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