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seconds ago12-21 19:13 by CONTEMPORIST

Hernandez Silva Architects designed the Godoy house in Jalisco, Mexico.











From the architect

The house is located in a private neighborhood outside the city, the land is flat and located in a corner, with neighbors to the south and east side, the west contains a large line of trees that separates the house from the street and takes a turn into the north where both entrances lie: one pedestrian and another one for cars, there are two bodies floating, the one on the left is a large box covered in gray stone that levitates over the street opening a gap where the cars are stored, the second body is transparent and light, larger and higher, which shows the pedestrian entrance, it is a volume of windows to the north and west sheltered by a white steel lattice, obeying the relationship with the sun, as this orientation is extremely hard in the city.

The transparent volume at the entrances expands by the side of the trees, the lattice covers its front face and is secured to a vertical wall at the back, which eventually blocks the heat from the west, in the back, two walls rise and bend horizontally to create a great flying ceiling of 36ft. (11mts.) over the garden and pool, supporting a second floor where the master bedroom is located so that it gets a complete open view to the garden which is surrounded by woodland.

The entrance platform is elevated because the house has a semi-basement, thereby it allows to generate different uneven levels opening the flow in several directions, the inside is completely open, with almost all the walls in the same direction, this is quite evident from the courtyard entrance, which is a well it double height gap, where the main circulations converge, one vertical and the other a translucent glass bridge connecting the two ends on the first floor.

The house structure is steel, it was built during a situation where this material was at a low price, allowing to build an almost floating house.

The house opens with a long and folding window system in the background, integrating the garden into the interior, making social spaces in a fully integrated large terrace with a garden and pool, this allows to live the cool and privileged Guadalajara’s weather, the dining room looks out above the terrace and communicates above the garden with the kitchen and studio, the two stairs set off from the basement to the second floor, one leads to the services and the other weaves the social and private spaces of the house.

The roofs are flat on the front but slightly declined on the back due to construction regulations covered with coated yellow ceramic, the walls are mostly smooth, floors are marble and wood, the carpentry is all in dark colors, using white steel on many elements of the house.

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Architect: Hernandez Silva Architects

seconds ago12-21 16:38 by NOTCOT.ORG
The Other Side - Interactive advertising video for Honda Civic R-Type (Want more? See and

12 hours ago12-21 04:36 by NOTCOT.ORG
Wood/Wood Cappuccino Cup by Ingibjörg Hanna (Want more? See and

13 hours ago12-21 03:36 by NOTCOT.ORG
Gudrún Vald Gígur tea light holders made of mahogany wood and hand painted in a burst of bright matte colors. Gígur is Icelandic for crater. (Want more? See and

14 hours ago12-21 02:36 by NOTCOT.ORG
IHANNA concrete snail hooks. They can sit on a table, or be mounted on a wall. (Want more? See and

15 hours ago12-21 01:36 by NOTCOT.ORG
Mengsel's sheep print for babies. It comes in bibs, blankets, onesies, and more. (Want more? See and

19 hours ago12-20 21:39 by CONTEMPORIST

Architect David Jameson designed this house on Hoopers Island in the US state of Maryland.














From the architect

After hurricane Isabel ravaged Maryland’s eastern shore, Dorchester Country Department of Planning and Zoning established an ordinance proclaiming that all new residences must be built three feet above the base flood elevation. Inspired by the local vernacular barns and fishing shacks which had survived the hurricane, the house on Hoopers Island was elevated to the height required by code using plinths made of concrete masonry.

This vacation home is used with various degrees of frequency and intensity depending on the weather and the number of invited guests. For this reason, the house is composed of several separate cabins that can be locked down or conditioned and inhabited as needed. Although the cabins are individual buildings, they are linked conceptually by their exterior metal cladding and the fact that all of the roofs are sloped but coplanar. A screened porch connects the three main cabins while providing a breezy place to relax. A wood deck extends from the main lodge towards the river, which creates access to the above-ground swimming pool and a platform for sun bathing.

hh_201214_01 hh_201214_02 hh_201214_03 hh_201214_04 hh_201214_05 hh_201214_06 hh_201214_07 hh_201214_08 hh_201214_09 hh_201214_10 hh_201214_11 hh_201214_12 hh_201214_13 hh_201214_14 hh_201214_15 hh_201214_16 hh_201214_17 hh_201214_18 hh_201214_19 hh_201214_20 hh_201214_21 hh_201214_22 hh_201214_23 hh_201214_24

Architect: David Jameson Architect Photography by Paul Warchol

19 hours ago12-20 21:10 by CONTEMPORIST

Sandra García & Sergio Mendoza of WAO, have launched a contemporary bike stand for the Barcelona Design Museum.




bi_201214_01 bi_201214_02 bi_201214_03 bi_201214_04 bi_201214_05

Design: WAO

yesterday12-20 13:37 by Passion For Luxury
La Villa Blue is located in the most prestigious area of Agios Lazaros, facing the west part of Mykonos and the historical island of Delos.
It is carved into the rocks of the hillside, this traditional villa blends in harmoniously with its natural wild rocky surroundings. The villa is part of the secured private residential area ensuring maximum security and privacy for its residents. It has access to the sea, as there are stairs leading directly from the villa to a magical sandy private beach just for the resort and villa’s residents. There is also a deck where boats can approach.
The design of this villa follows strict Cycladic aesthetics, characterized by white-washed walls and deep blue arches, while it is enhanced with wall painting inside and outside illustrating a unique touch of myconian art.
The most interesting part of the property is the breathtaking verandah with a private saltwater pool, surrounded by comfortable lounging and sitting area. Alfresco dining for 12 people and a stone bar with barbeque ensure a fabulous summer living area for every taste.
The villa consists of 200sq meters, with 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, a private saltwater pool, outside bar and barbeque.

yesterday12-20 13:29 by NOTCOT.ORG
WAO Bike Stand launched this weekend at the Barcelona Design Museum. By Sandra García and Sergio Mendoza. (Want more? See and

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