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2 hours ago08-27 10:10 by iGNANT

Katja Kremenic intimate yet strong imagery is a travel through the many different worlds of summer. Therefore the sea and beach have a prominent role as the iconic backdrop for the photographs. Kremenic says: ‘What enchants me in photography is the fact that each picture has a trace of reality’. After spending half of her life on an island of Cres in Croatia, she moved to Ljubljana to study communication and media. Currently she is based in Berlin.

All images © Katja Kremenic

4 hours ago08-27 08:17 by iGNANT

The graphic, colorful and still series ‘Ocean Beach’ by Brooklyn based photographer Douglas Ljungkvist documents a unique place in the American landscape, a vacation paradise in the 50s named Ocean Beach in the north of Lavallette NJ. It’s a place with strong yet quiet subtexts of time, memory, and identity. Photographing in the off season allowed him to studio the color, form and spatial relationships showing signs of an bygone era. He felt the project was ready to publish when Hurricane Sandy hit the Jersey Shore in October 2012 and destroyed cottages that he had recently photographed. He began taking pictures again, this time documenting the post-storm landscapes without roofs, with floors full of sand and doors open to the ocean breeze.

The body of work was published by Kehrer Verlag in the spring of 2014. The book includes 92 color photographs and introductions by Harvey Benge and Steve Bisson.

16 hours ago08-26 19:53 by CONTEMPORIST

CUBE Architecten have redesigned an old store room in an office building into ‘t Park, a semi-public plaza in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.







Project description

In August 2013 the City of Amsterdam gave the go-ahead for the redevelopment of an old store room under one of their offices on Jodenbreestraat in Amsterdam into a multifunctional plaza. This plan is part of the new flexible housing concept for their offices, which can be densified through realization of such plazas. CUBE is, after a closed competition, asked to develop this 530 m2 plaza. According to the City of Amsterdam it had to become an attractive area with an extraordinary appearance.

The semi-public plaza can be used for working, collaborating, meeting, or eating and drinking the organic coffee, juices and sandwiches from the bar. There is also the possibility for holding presentations and meetings. The more functional parts of the program are efficiently packaged in simple volumes in such a way that they form an open space for the plaza. The entrance area of the huge office building was redeveloped with a new reception desk and added to this new plaza to make a connection with the rest of the building.

By this we have added a space to the building with the peace and playfulness of a green park. Large different plant cages hang like a canopy between the real birch trunks. Along the large glass doors planters are hung that form a natural filter. On the walls a print of the shadows of the leaves was used, and the floor has a natural “outside look: with its gray / brown tones. The consistent use of the colors white, brown and green brings a certain calmness between the otherwise fairly random placed elements. The volumes containing extra spaces that are located as wooden sheds between the trees, have wooden slats of unequal thicknesses.

The real plants in the hanging cages, which from the beginning were an essential part of the plan and ensure good air quality and a green experience, were the biggest challenge in the design process. Initially we looked at an automatic watering system, but in the end we opted to hang them on 10 electric hoists that are normally just in theaters. Every 4 weeks they will be lowered to take care of the hydroponic plants.

Sustainability was one of the key principles and reuse is a part of it. We could reuse parts of the installations, and also for the furniture we went looking for used elements in the storage depots of the municipality. The pendant lights above the counter and some of the tables and chairs all come from here.

tp_260814_01 tp_260814_02 tp_260814_03 tp_260814_04 tp_260814_05 tp_260814_06 tp_260814_07 tp_260814_08 tp_260814_09 tp_260814_10 tp_260814_11

Design: CUBE Architecten

Photography by Yvonne Lukkenaar

17 hours ago08-26 19:00 by beautifuldecay

Olafur Eliasson - InstallationOlafur Eliasson - InstallationOlafur Eliasson - InstallationOlafur Eliasson - Installation

Olafur Eliasson, a well-established Danish/Icelandic artist, has installed an imitation dried riverbed in the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark. The artist filled rooms in the gallery with rocks, and created what would be a remnant stream, were it actually a dried river. The museum building has had many additions and renovations, and so the architecture and space is an essential part of the experience, and something obviously important to those with investments in the institution. Olafur states that he is interested in the audience’s presence in the museum and their interaction with the artwork. He wants to emphasize the museum space as a “natural bodily process” (according to the Louisiana website, translated by google). In any case, Eliasson’s installation does a good job of eliminating the sterility of the white wall, and engages the viewers’ senses more deeply.

The idea of the river also relates very closely to any museum. A great museum or gallery will have good flow through the rooms of an exhibition. There is nothing worse than the interruption as you trek back through art you’ve already seen to see the next stage in the show, completely disrupting the narrative. It’s a given that not all exhibitions must be linear in their layout, but the river is a great way to engage with the flow of the space. When it feels like many artists (recently and in the past) have experimented with empty gallery space in the name of radical installation and institutional/spacial critique/awareness, Eliasson has actually managed to make something pleasant and engaging, while remaining questioning as well. (Via De Zeen)Olafur Eliasson - Installation Olafur Eliasson - Installation Olafur Eliasson - Installation Olafur Eliasson - Installation

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17 hours ago08-26 18:29 by strangeLine
Wooden Frames by Rintala Eggertsson Arhictects (7)
Frames resembling traditional wooden fish-drying racks, by Norwegian Rintala Eggertsson Arhictects, for the SALT festival, set to take place on the island of Sandhornøya, north of the Arctic Circle.

18 hours ago08-26 18:07 by strangeLine
giant silos (5)
Six giant silos colorized by Os Gemeos, on Granville island, Vancouver.

18 hours ago08-26 18:00 by beautifuldecay

omalleywilson omalleywilson7 omalleywilson4 omalleywilson9

“Gay Men Draw Vaginas” is exactly the project it sounds like. Three years ago, Keith Wilson and Shannon O’Malley were eating at a restaurant with a group of homosexuals when the topic of vaginas came up. This led to O’Malley asking Wilson to draw a vagina on the table with a crayon. This inspired more conversation and more drawings from the gay men at the table. A few months later, the duo decided to explore this idea even further, setting up a “vagina collection booth” at gay establishments across San Francisco. While they were given a few sneers here and there, most of the gay men who participated were excited to dive in and contribute to the project.

O’Malley observes, “In casual conversation, at surface level, I knew asking gay guys to draw vaginas was funny because it zeroed in on what some people might have perceived as ‘opposites.’ What I kept to myself were my navel-gazing meditations on ‘queer identity’ and ideas people (and the culture) hold about women and bodies.”

The duo recognize that the drawings range anywhere from misogynistic to celebratory to puzzling and enigmatic. They hope to eventually get people like Dan Savage, Neil Patrick Harris, Perez Hilton, John Waters, and/or George Takei to participate. “Ultimately, though, we hope people do a lot of things; we hope they’ll laugh, we hope they’ll think about what it means to identify as a ‘gay man,’ we hope they’ll think about ideas our culture has about bodies and body parts. Their responses are part of the study, part of the art,” they explain.

O’Malley and Wilson are currently running a Kickstarter for their book project. With 3 days to go, they have raised $56,500, exceeding their projected goal of $37,000. You can follow their project on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. (via huffington post and vice)

omalleywilson13 omalleywilson5 omalleywilson12 omalleywilson11 omalleywilson10 omalleywilson8 omalleywilson3 omalleywilson2 omalleywilson6

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19 hours ago08-26 17:00 by beautifuldecay

Kendrick_Brinson_03Kendrick_Brinson_04 Kendrick_Brinson_08 Kendrick_Brinson_13

There’s a city in Arizona that caters exclusively to retirees and where residents must meet be a minimum of 55 years or older. This unique place is called Sun City, and Los Angeles-based photographer Kendrick Brinson documented it in her series titled Sun City: Life After Life. It’s home to 42,500 individuals, with 10,000 of them in their eighties, and has a youthful energy about it. There are dozens of recreational activities including synchronized swimming, cheerleading, dancing, car shows, and much more.

Brinson’s photographs reveal day-to-day life in Sun City. We see that the mood is cheerful and bright, as the clear desert sky makes the bedazzled outfits appear even shinier. Here, it’s an enclave of folks getting old, and they want to keep it that way. Grandchildren under the age of 18 are only allowed to visit for a limited amount of time, as to not disrupt the mood of the place by reminding the residents of their age.

As people enter their twilight years, probably after working for decades and raising kids, it seems that they are encountering a second youth. It’s one that’s filled with experience and wisdom, rather than naivety, but still full of fun and little responsibility. The elderly seem to realize that they aren’t invincible (as so many teenagers do), but that they are entitled to enjoy the rest of their lives however they like. (Via Feature Shoot)

Kendrick_Brinson_02 Kendrick_Brinson_05 Kendrick_Brinson_07 Kendrick_Brinson_10 Kendrick_Brinson_11 Kendrick_Brinson_16 Kendrick_Brinson_14 Kendrick_Brinson_15 Kendrick_Brinson_24 Kendrick_Brinson_17Kendrick_Brinson_01


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20 hours ago08-26 16:00 by beautifuldecay

SONY DSC Ricardo-Solis-Painting-2 Ricardo-Solis-Painting-3Ricardo-Solis-Painting-6 Ricardo-Solis-Painting-7

Mexican artist Ricardo Solis has re-imagined both the divine and evolutionary theories on the origin of life. In his whimsical paintings, artist depicts various animals — from a goldfish to an elephant — being colored, carved out of stone or even weaved as the friendly mama bear below. Solis’ works connect the realistic style of painting with his tameless imagination.

The viewer is presented with a variety of animals, painted in an almost anatomically accurate manner. Under closer inspection, the works reveal a Guliver-inspired action: tiny humans crawling up and down the monolithic animals, covering them in paint, sculpting or attaching ribbon stripes from a flying Zeppelin. Although Solis’ creative interpretation is far from reality, his lighthearted version of genesis is relaxing and fun to observe.

Solis was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. Despite being brought up in a large metropolis, he was always attracted to art and nature. After graduating from the School of Visual Arts and becoming a professional painter, Solis has a chance to link these two passions together and channel them through his dreamlike works of art. In his website Ricardo Solis claims to believe in “the undeniable existence of a Creator” which seems like the epitome of his work. (via Lost At E Minor)

Ricardo-Solis-Painting-8 Ricardo-Solis-Painting-9 Ricardo-Solis-Painting-3 Ricardo-Solis-Painting-4Ricardo-Solis-Painting-10 Ricardo-Solis-Painting-11 Ricardo-Solis-Painting-12 Ricardo-Solis-Painting-13 Ricardo-Solis-Painting-14


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20 hours ago08-26 15:56 by iGNANT

After introducing you to the EyeEm Festival & Awards in July, we are now happy to present the 10 finalists in the ‚The Portraitist’ category, where we had the pleasure to be part of the jury. Please take a look at their exciting portraits, all shot on smartphones, below.

Join us and the winners at this years EyeEm Festival on 12.-13. September in Berlin and don’t miss out on the exciting things happening in two days: panels on the future of photography with leaders from the worlds of photography, tech and media, workshops teaching you all the secrets of mobile photography, the opening of the EyeEm Grand Exhibition showcasing 150 international photographers and the awards celebration crowning the winners of this year’s contest.

Find out more about the EyeEm Festival & Awards here.

Image © @dinalf

Image © @FaisalTheF

Image © @heomira

Image © @junic

Image © @locusapien

Image © @peterfranc9

Image © @saskiaboelsums

Image © @Selvatica

Image © @theflyshutter

Image © @zhijiechang

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