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yesterday09-20 09:43 by CONTEMPORIST

Architect Yoshiaki Yamashita has designed a private residence in Nara, Japan.
















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Architect: Yoshiaki Yamashita

Photography by Eiji Tomita

2 days ago09-19 20:26 by CONTEMPORIST

The Heineken Pop-Up City Lounge has just launched at London Design Festival.


The ‘Pop-up City Lounge’ is the second edition in the brand’s ‘Open Design Exploration’ series and was created by twenty young designers from across the globe, crafted in response to suggestions of what the ultimate lounge bar should be from tens of thousands of consumers, who shared inspirational images on Instagram.

Hidden behind the industrial, corrugated iron shell of two forty-foot shipping containers, the ‘Pop-Up City Lounge’ is an intriguing space full of cutting-edge design features created to optimise the nightlife experience. The lounge is a product of the brand’s commitment to exploring social design, a concept that premieres this week in London before embarking on a tour of global nightlife hotspots.

Featuring intricate ‘conversation cocoons’ designed by Victor Hugo Jimenez, delicately blended beer ‘hoptails’, and drinks served in trays constructed from ice, the Lounge shows how cutting-edge design features can improve our nightlife experience.

To see more about the ‘Pop-up City Lounge’ – click here







2 days ago09-19 20:00 by beautifuldecay

Dan Colen - Painting Dan Colen - Painting Dan Colen - Painting Dan Colen - Painting

Dan Colen has been dubbed in the past one of Warhol’s Children, a famous or notorious – depending on which critic you’re asking – New York post-pop prince. His earlier work was made of gum and simulation bird droppings, and although his artwork received heavy criticism for imitating or ridiculing artists and the high-art community, he continued to be successful and his career flourished. It seems there’s always a place for the unaffected artist-rock-star character type.

Recently, Colen has taken a more subdued approach to his practice. In light of the death of his good friend and artist contemporary Dash Snow, who died of an overdose in 2009, Colen has tried to curb his own lifestyle choices. This slow down is reflected in his artwork, namely his current exhibition at Gagosian: Miracle Paintings. Perhaps in the context of another artist, paintings of star streams and neon explosions would be a bold subject, but in comparison to his whoopee cushion installation Blowin in the wind, the medium is much more conventional and less provoking.

The feeling in the paintings is of excitement and solemnity. They’re easier to digest but still pack a visual punch. There’s life, death, and tranquility. It’s probably a pivotal moment in Colen’s career. Will he be able to remain successful without the contrarian stunts he is known for? It should also be considered that these paintings are much more pleasant to consume: Is he riding the comfort of his position in the New York art community, or pushing new personal boundaries? Personally I enjoy this series, but could also see how some of his fans might be disappointed in the relatively understated nature of the works.

Miracle Paintings is on at Gagosian until October 18th.

Dan Colen - Painting Dan Colen - Painting Dan Colen - Painting Dan Colen - Painting

The post Miracle Paintings: Wild Child Dan Colen Gets (Kind Of) Sober appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.

2 days ago09-19 19:00 by beautifuldecay

bacteria  Photography bacteria  Photography

bacteria  Photography Seung-Hwan Oh - Photography

Using homegrown bacteria, photographer Seung-Hwan Oh warps and manipulates his photographs, surrendering his art to a higher ecological order. Oh, who also goes by the name Tonio Oh, explains that his intention is to “explore the impermanence of matter as well as the material limitations of photography.” It brings the artist’s studio into the laboratory, marvelously blending the organic and the artificial.

Oh’s website describes the process:

“As the microbes consume light-sensitive chemical over the course of months or years, the silver halides destabilize, obfuscating the legibility of foreground, background, and scale.”

It’s an interesting approach to photography that takes a normally still medium and adds a dimension of something active, live, and dynamic. When you view Oh’s photographs, the question is no longer the significance of what is depicted; instead, what catches your eye is the tension between what is shown and what is already lost. Though art is naturally created to be consumed, in this case, the art itself is the act of consumption, the parts of the photographs that have been literally eaten away by a relentless force of nature. The result, in Oh’s word, can be witnessed as something that is “entangled creation and destruction that inevitably is ephemeral”.

Seung-Hwan Oh - Photography Seung-Hwan Oh - Photography Seung-Hwan Oh - Photography Seung-Hwan Oh - Photography Seung-Hwan Oh - Photography Seung-Hwan Oh - Photography Seung-Hwan Oh - Photography

The post Seung-Hwan Oh Fuses Art With Microbiology In Bacteria Manipulated Photographs appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.

2 days ago09-19 18:39 by Better Living Through Design

Longitude 131° (via Tiny House Living)

The NoPhone (Sadly, the NoPhone’s Kickstarter campaign is cancelled.)

Architizer: The 20 Best Architecture Tumblrs

Frozen Yogurt In A Shell, No Packaging Required

EpiPen cases and wallets

Hot Spots: Mapping the World’s Most Photographed Locations

Cheat Sheet To Becoming A Great Public Speaker

Laniakea: Our home supercluster


Enjoy your weekend!

2 days ago09-19 18:00 by beautifuldecay

sally-hewett8 sally-hewett6 sally-hewett5 sally-hewett3

Sally Hewett is a UK-based embroider who gives new meaning to a sculptural approach to the craft. Instead of stitching subject matter like flowers, puppies, and generally happy scenes, she fills embroidery hoops with butts, breasts, and genatalia. The circular compositions rise from the surface and Hewett uses well-placed stitches to give form to these bulbous shapes. In addition, she’ll use dangling threads to simulate public hair, both trimmed and natural.

In her artist statement, Hewett states that she’s interested in ideas of beauty and the things that people do because of it. She writes:

Men and women almost ritualistically shave and remove hair from their bodies – beards, underarm hair, pubic hair, leg hair etc, whereas other hair – hair on the head, eyebrows, eyelashes – are valued and encouraged to flourish. But there is other hair which not everyone has. Sometimes this special hair seems to be reason to feel ashamed. A large number of women and men submit their bodies to extraordinary procedures in the name of convention or beauty – liposuction, implants, scarification, surgery, laser treatment, electrolysis etc.

Embroidery is often see as an innocuous craft, and part of the reason that Hewett works this way is to see how the medium affects how the content is seen. Is it more shocking, amusing, or beautiful simply because it’s portrayed with a needle and thread?

sally-hewett7 sally-hewett5 sally-hewett4 sally-hewett2 sally-hewett1

The post Sally Hewett Fills Embroidery Hoops with Butts, Breasts, and More (NSFW) appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.

2 days ago09-19 17:31 by strangeLine
Gorgeous Wood Furniture (5)
Gorgeous Wood Furniture by Kino Guerin Furniture.

2 days ago09-19 17:00 by beautifuldecay

Corso Zundert- Dahlia Sculptures Corso Zundert- Dahlia Sculptures Corso Zundert- Dahlia Sculptures Corso Zundert- Dahlia Sculptures

Corso Zundert, the famous flower parade, takes place every September in Zundert, a small town on the Belgian border. Known as the world’s largest flower parade, participating districts work arduously to out-do the other competitors in creating the most wild and unique float possible. There is no set theme for the parade, but competitors must adhere to two parameters: their floats must be made entirely of dahlia flowers and be smaller than 20 by 10 meters. Included here are photographs of floats from this year and past years as well. With the huge crowds surrounding the floats you can really see just how immense and outrageous these structures really are.

Starting in 1936, Corso Zundert is an ongoing tradition within the Netherlands. Using an unimaginable number of dahlias, people painstakingly construct and adorn these gigantic floats. The twenty floats, once completed, make their way through the city, everyone hoping to win first place. For the 2014 parade the prize went to a horse-themed float called Horsepower. What would your float look like?

Corso Zundert- Dahlia Sculptures Corso Zundert- Dahlia SculpturesCorso Zundert- Dahlia SculpturesCorso Zundert- Dahlia Sculptures Corso Zundert- Dahlia Sculptures Corso Zundert- Dahlia Sculptures

The post The World’s Largest Flower Parade Is A Surreal Feast For The Eyes appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.

2 days ago09-19 16:51 by strangeLine
Zaha Hadid homeware collection (6)
A homeware collection that includes candelabras, a chess set and vessels, just launched at Harrods London department store by architect Zaha Hadid.

AN EXHIBITION BY HOUSE INDUSTRIES INTRODUCING THE NEW VELO FONT COLLECTION at the Rapha Cycle Club Opening Oct. 16 at 6:00 p.m. With a panel discussion PEDALING DESIGN presented by AIGA NY 64 Gansevoort St, New York, NY RSVP Here Exhibition runs October 16 to October 26

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