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13 hours ago10-29 19:50 by 2Modern Blog

Ruutu-by-Ronan-and-Erwan-Bouroullec-for-Iittala-Yellowtrace-01French designing brothers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, who are having something of a banner year—they were awarded the coveted Panerai London Design Medal at this year’s London Design Festival—recently introduced a new suite of glassware for venerable Finnish glass brand iittala. The collection, named Ruutu, the finish word for ‘diamond’ or ‘square,’ comprises 10 diamond-shaped vases of varying sizes and colors, all designed to fit together seamlessly in groupings. The Bouroullecs envision the vases—which are hand crafted in 5 sizes and 7 transparent tones at iittala’s glass factory in Finland—as carefully composed arrangements that create watercolor-like tableaus of overlapping colors and tones. The straight edged geometry of the Ruutu collection, which the designers specifically sought from a material naturally suited to round forms, stands in stark contrast to the organic asymmetry of iittala’s most famous vases of all, the Aalto Collection.

Ruutu-by-Ronan-and-Erwan-Bouroullec-for-Iittala-Yellowtrace-05Ruutu-vases-by-Bouroullec-brothers-for-Iittala_dezeen_784_5Ruutu-by-Ronan-and-Erwan-Bouroullec-for-Iittala-Yellowtrace-04Ruutu-vases-by-Bouroullec-brothers-for-Iittala_dezeen_784_6Ruutu-vases-by-Bouroullec-brothers-for-Iittala_dezeen_784_9Ruutu-by-Ronan-and-Erwan-Bouroullec-for-Iittala-Yellowtrace-03Ruutu-vases-by-Bouroullec-brothers-for-Iittala_dezeen_784_10-1Via Dezeen

14 hours ago10-29 19:00 by beautifuldecay





When vegetal artist Duy Anh Nhan Duc and photographer Isabelle Chapuis collaborate, the resulting images of people and flowers are anything but cliché. The series “Etamine” (stamen) and “Dandelion” are elegant and surreal, beautifully conceptual and expertly shot.

In “Etamine” a somewhat androgynous man is adorned in black and red and purple and yellow. “Fragile compositions of thousands of petals: carnations, anemones, irises and chrysanthemums merge with the skin.” The petals resemble feathers, as if these are sensual and captivating birds preening for the camera.

“Duy Anh Nhan Duc is an artist who handles vegetal art in a very singular way.… He merges plants with human bodies, integrates them with objects, combines them with his drawings or stages them though his short-films. Through his work, he weaves a poetic world where plants rule as masters.”

Like its seed head, “Dandelion” feels more fragile, suspended in time, as if the female model is holding her breath. Shot against a black background, the dandelion seeds are as impossibly delicate as snow or fog. Where in “Etamine” the petals have merged with the male figure, the seeds in “Dandelion” are ephemeral, pausing for a moment before floating away on a breath or a breeze.

Chapuis says, “I’m very inspired by the aesthetic movement in painting, Tim Walker. C’est l’art pour l’art. Art for its own sake. It’s only about emotion. I don’t want to accomplish anything beyond appealing to peoples’ senses”. (Source)

These series are proof of the magic that can happen when two extremely talented artists combine forces to make captivating work. (Via Ignant)








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15 hours ago10-29 18:00 by beautifuldecay

Sarah Hallacher - Gif Still Sarah Hallacher - Gif Still Sarah Hallacher - Gif Still Sarah Hallacher - Gif Still

Sarah Hallacher’s gifs explore the different opportunities for pangs of heartbreak that exist in social media and technology. She uses texts, instagram, facebook, linkedin, googlechat, and email, to demonstrate the difficulties of the remnants of a relationship that linger in the age of the Internet. Each gif is set in the format of each platform, to show how the different type of information and notifications can have effect on you. They’re all pretty familiar, even probably to people who haven’t gone through a tough break up. For instance, the text message notification buildup when none is from the person you wish they were could even extend outside the realm of a romantic relationship; Everyone’s experienced disappointment or annoyance in not receiving a response from someone. Others are very specific to relationships, like the Facebook relationship status.

Hallacher presents these everyday difficulties in the most straightforward way, allowing the viewer to understand the significance of the aspects of a relationship that echoes through the Internet. Of the project Hallacher states:

 “My goal was to pinpoint the exact place where something might feel painful for a moment,” she says. “I was trying to capture both the technology and the experience of it. If you’re not speaking to a person, you don’t know why they are taking these actions online. The online version of their action is very dry and cold, without context. I just wanted to highlight that. The computer is just a computer, and it doesn’t feel sorry for you.” (Via Co Exist)

Sarah Hallacher - Gif Still Sarah Hallacher - Gif Still Sarah Hallacher - Gif Still

The post Sarah Hallacher’s Gifs Show The Painful Effects Of Technology And Social Media After A Breakup appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.

16 hours ago10-29 17:00 by beautifuldecay

Pascal Leboucq and Lucas De Man

Pascal Leboucq and Lucas De Man

Pascal Leboucq and Lucas De Man

Working with one of the most socially relevant and controversial topics of recent years, artists Pascal Leboucq and Lucas De Man have installed a clever take about what it means to be surveilled, to survey and to be under surveillance. Their EYE project consists of 5 enormous eyes built into the sides of different buildings around the Dutch city of Den Bosch that viewers are able to inhabit and experience a dramatic view of the city from.

Once inside the different buildings of the project (including a theater, a modern hospital, an old building ready to under go construction, a monument and a corporate building), observers are ushered to a seat, fastened in and wheeled out into the hanging structure. They are then immersed into a multimedia sound and video experience altering the way  they are able to see themselves, their peers and their environment. Artist Lucas De Man says about the metaphor of eyes in this project:

A city with eyes is a city that looks and shows itself. No closed doors or shut windows, but open. We gave the city eyes so you can hang in the air above the world and look. Just look. (Source)

Lucas also talks about his desire for a more connected existence within cities, and how important it is to have these immersive experience to change our interaction with each other and within our shared environment.

Man wants to be heard and seen and has the need to share his vulnerability every now and then. The city must accommodate this need by being a place for, of and by people. (Source)

The Eyes are still open for viewing until November 1. They will then be on tour in 2015. (Via HiFructose)

Pascal Leboucq and Lucas De Man

Pascal Leboucq and Lucas De ManPascal Leboucq and Lucas De ManPascal Leboucq and Lucas De ManPascal Leboucq and Lucas De Man Pascal Leboucq and Lucas De ManPascal Leboucq and Lucas De Man

The post Multimedia EYE Project Invites Citizens To Sit In The Chair Of Surveillance appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.

16 hours ago10-29 16:49 by Better Living Through Design

Beatiful, aren’t they? Inspired by Russian Matryoshka dolls, these Bougies Russes Hurricane Lamps can be placed inside each other or lined up in a row. The lower portion of the glass is tinted to partially obscure the candle, thus giving off an “ethereal luminosity” fit for any occasion, inside or out. Designed by Stephan Lanez and manufactured by Paris based brand Marcel By. Each lamp sold individually; one candle included. Hand blown glass. Natural solid olive ash wood base.

Designer: Stephan Lanez

Bougies Russes Hurricane Lamp

Bougies Russes Hurricane Lamp

16 hours ago10-29 16:29 by Better Living Through Design

There’s a certain nostalgia connected to a Triangle Dinner Bell like this one from Pat Kim- perhaps period films have us immediately imagining dinner time at an old farm? Whether your estate is vast or your apartment small, ringing a triangle will signify it’s time to sit down and eat, hopefully without our devices. The English Bridle Leather hanger conveniently holds the solid brass striker, making this hand bent steel triangle appropriate for display as well as use.

-Cold Rolled Steel, Black Oxide Finish -Brass -English Bridle Leather

Triangle Dinner Bell

17 hours ago10-29 16:06 by Better Living Through Design

If you like large Roman numerals combined with your calendar, then Playtype has the one for you. ‘MMXV’ is fast approaching, and whether we like it or not, it’s best to be prepared for all the important dates and events happening in the new year. So, chin up, and get organized now before the holidays hit. Be sure to take a look at Playtype’s mugs, scarves, and other accessories as well- there’s a few great gift options just waiting for someone on your list (if you don’t mind shipping internationally, that is).

– 50 x 70 cm size (~20″ x 27.5″) – Printed on uncoated 120gsm paper

17 hours ago10-29 16:00 by beautifuldecay


Felipe-Pantone-6 Felipe-Pantone-3-800x638 Felipe-Pantone-8

Complete with slick, bold colors and lens flares, artist Felipe Pantone livens up walls and urban environments with his murals. The neon-colored creations are text based and often coupled with geometric and monochromatic patterns. Their energy can’t and won’t be ignored, and it conjures up an aesthetic that’s contemporary, yet feels like it’s out of the late 1990’s thanks to a rainbow combination of gradients that fill the letterforms.

Pantone’s graffit straddles the line between traditional graffiti, typography, and design. It’s this mixture of popular cultures that gives a unique voice, and simultaneously looks familiar but is something all its own.  For someone who might only be familiar with one aspect of Pantone’s multifaceted inspiration, they can find something interesting and meaningful within it (aside it just being fun to look at). (Via The Fox is Black)

Felipe-Pantone-10 Felipe-Pantone-7

Felipe-Pantone-9 Felipe-Pantone-5 Felipe-Pantone-4-800x605 Felipe-Pantone-2-800x563


The post Felipe Pantone’s Hi-Gloss Works Blur The Line Between Graffiti, Design And Hallucinogenic Patterns appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.

18 hours ago10-29 15:00 by beautifuldecay


Wei Li

wei li


San Francisco-based artist and designer Wei Li is making tasty treats with unpalatable connotations. Would you lick a cactus? Suck on a virus? Would just the idea of it change your experience of a dessert? In “Dangerous Popscicle” Li makes desserts in the shape of cacti, MRSA, influenza, chicken pox, escherichia coli and HIV from just water, sugar and coloring. To make the popsicles, Li created a series of one and two part silicone molds modeled in Rhino and printed on an Objet 3d printer. She writes on her website bold or italic:

“What will happen when we put these dangerous things on one of our most sensitive organs, our tongues? Does pain really bring pleasure? Is there beauty in user-unfriendly things?

Dangerous Popsicles create a unique sensory experience. Before tasting with your tongue, you first taste with your eyes and mind. The popsicles are nothing but water and sugar, but ideas of deadly viruses and the spikiness of cacti are enough to stimulate your senses, even before your first taste.”

There are inherent contradictions in this project—the colors of the items look delicious, but the subject is unappetizing, but the surface is pleasingly tactile, but the structure is painful.

Aside from making the molds and freezing the pops, Li is also interested in the social interaction this project fosters. How do people react to the frozen unsavories? Try it yourself—find directions on how to make this project at Instructables. (via The Creator’s Project)

Wei Li

Wei Li







The post Wei Li Makes Dangerous Popsicles In The Shape Of HIV And Other Viruses appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.

19 hours ago10-29 14:00 by beautifuldecay

Aisha Zeijpveld Photo Aisha Zeijpveld PhotoAisha Zeijpveld Photo Aisha Zeijpveld PhotoAisha Zeijpveld Photo

Based in Amsterdam, photographer Aisha Zeijpveld specializes in conceptual portraiture and works as a freelancer for myriad commercial magazines. Characterized by an interest in presenting her subjects’ “nakedness and vulnerability yet simultaneously their potency and pride,” her photographs evoke quirky surrealism and capture the absurd while boasting simplicity and maintaining clarity.

By placing her models before color-blocked backdrops of muted pastel and neutral tones, the subjects remain the focus of her dreamlike photographs. While each subject is situated in a pose typical of traditional portraiture, Zeijpveld transforms each piece with her eccentric editing; hair is replaced by twisting smoke or scattered dirt, individuals sprout extra limbs, and eyes become shrouded in listless clouds. While the exquisite level of detail and precision in her work suggests that these alterations and additions were carried out digitally, Zeijpveld’s illusions are crafted entirely by hand using scissors, found objects, and other tangible elements. Ultimately, through these techniques, Zeijpveld successfully “aims for the absurd, allowing her photographs to be positioned on the interface of reality and dream-world.”

Aisha Zeijpveld PhotoAisha Zeijpveld Photo Aisha Zeijpveld PhotoAisha Zeijpveld PhotoAisha Zeijpveld PhotoAisha Zeijpveld PhotoAisha Zeijpveld Photo

The post Aisha Zeijpveld’s Dreamy Pastel Portraits Celebrate The Absurd appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.

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