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1 hour ago09-23 00:09 by NOTCOT.ORG
Technofrolics uses moving magnets and iron dust to create this 3D display that can be programmed for different visual effects. (Want more? See and

3 hours ago09-22 22:09 by NOTCOT.ORG
The Oregon and Northern California Coast - our road trip home lead to fun breweries, stunning coastline, driving on the beach, hiking down to a Redwood Grove, the Tillamook Cheese Factory, IPA beer jellies, and more! (Want more? See and

5 hours ago09-22 20:09 by NOTCOT.ORG
Defy Bags Otis Dog Collar (on Bucky!) - complete with AustriAlpin Cobra Load Bearing Quick-Release Buckle, which can support 2,000 lbs. These are the same solid steel & brass imported buckles used by U.S. Special Forces. (Want more? See and

6 hours ago09-22 19:13 by NOTCOT.ORG
San Francisco based woodworking Artist, Aleksandra Zee who reclaims wooden laths to make intricate art panels. (Want more? See and

8 hours ago09-22 17:13 by NOTCOT.ORG
Alexander McQueen teamed up with Japanese artist Yoshiyasu Tamura, by turning Angry Bunny – which appeared in the spring/summer 2014 collections – into a samurai. (Want more? See and

10 hours ago09-22 15:24 by iGNANT

In response to the rapid and near total urbanization of vietnamese cities, Vo Trong Nghia Architects designed a prototypical house as part of an ongoing initiative to reverse the trend. Built within a region where only 0.25% area of the city is covered with greenery, the dwelling seeks to reconnect its residents with the natural environment. Entitled ‘House for Trees’, the scheme comprises five individual concrete boxes envisioned as planters. As a result of the unit’s thick layer of soil, the dwellings also serve as basins, retaining water and reducing the risk of flooding.

All images © Vo Trong Nghia Architects | Via: Feeldesain

10 hours ago09-22 15:13 by NOTCOT.ORG
Solid Steel Keysquare, a brilliantly crafted solid steel keychain with bottle opener that is machined from solid steel. (Want more? See and

12 hours ago09-22 13:36 by iGNANT

After releasing her series Cosmic Surgery last year, photographer Alma Haser is now back with her series ‘Twins’ that is actually just the first of two parts, the second will be coming in November.

The series features two girls who mirror each others every move, trying to become one. Alma Haser states: “I have always been fascinated by twins and their closeness in looks and attributes. Jess and Mona are of course not twins, and didn’t even know each other before the shoot, but they now call each other Afro sisters.”

All images © Alma Haser

12 hours ago09-22 13:13 by NOTCOT.ORG
Casa AL by Studio Arthur Casas in Rio de Janeiro sits between a mountain and the ocean. (Want more? See and

14 hours ago09-22 11:13 by NOTCOT.ORG
Created by the French interior design studio Grégoire de Lafforest, the Catch-All Side Table features a built-in chute-and-bag system for keeping stray objects. (Want more? See and

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