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yesterday10-18 18:40 by NOTCOT.ORG
Morso Grill Forno - made from a solid enamelled cast iron on 3 teak legs held together with a stainless steel ring. (Want more? See and

yesterday10-18 17:40 by NOTCOT.ORG
Pelican launches new Pelican ProGear watertight, crushproof, lightweight luggage. (Want more? See and

yesterday10-18 16:40 by NOTCOT.ORG
Zwipe Mastercard - a credit card with a built in finger print scanner (Want more? See and

yesterday10-18 15:39 by NOTCOT.ORG
A curved lock with a flexible key... unpickable? (Want more? See and

yesterday10-18 14:55 by NOTCOT.ORG
Studio Siem Fervent Carpet - Fervent is a carpet that can be heated to 60˚C once every two months, which kills the dust mites, allowing this group to use textiles where they could not before. (Want more? See and

yesterday10-18 10:36 by CONTEMPORIST

Swiss architecture firm ROK – Rippmann Oesterle Knauss, have recently completed the Suppakids Sneaker Boutique in Stuttgart, Germany.








Project description

The Suppakids Sneaker Boutique in Stuttgart, Germany is home to a fine collection of kids footwear for boys and girls from baby to pre-teenagers. The unique display arrangement invites kids to play with a subtly integrated cascading disk run while browsing through the shoes on display. Similar to a marble run the edge of the display shelving serves as a guide for several colored wooden disks to play with. Although this playful idea is the key aspect of the design, it does not visually become the focus of attention. In contrast, the sneakers take center stage in a clean and flexible display and store design that was developed with customers of various age groups in mind. The client’s need for flexibility of both, the display area and its arrangement, was addressed by a custom-made wall display system. Thus, CNC-bent steel rods and clip fasteners for quick and easy reconfiguration of the 96 wooden panels have been used. The backlit counter and display elements are made from natural and painted pinewood creating a warm and inviting interior.

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Design: ROK – Rippmann Oesterle Knauss Project Partners: Michael Knauß, Silvan Oesterle, Matthias Rippmann Photography by Daniel Stauch

2 days ago10-17 20:39 by CONTEMPORIST

Kresings GmbH have designed Boeselburg, a group of colourful council and student housing buildings in Münster, Germany.






kp_171014_01 kp_171014_02 kp_171014_03 kp_171014_04 EP03113 EP03113 EP03113 kp_171014_08 EP03113 kp_171014_10 kp_171014_11 kp_171014_12 kp_171014_13 EP03113 EP03113 EP03113 EP03113 EP03113 EP03113 EP03113 EG Haus 69.pdf bb kp_171014_23 kp_171014_24 kp_171014_25 kp_171014_26 kp_171014_27 kp_171014_28

Architects: kresings GmbH Project staff: Stefan Fuchs (job captain), Guido Becker, André Pannenbäcker, Jan Tölle, Building contractor: Studentenwerk Münster (Student Administration) Supporting framework: gwi Gantert + Wiemeler Ingenieurplanung Landscape architect: RMP Stephan Lenzen Landschaftsarchitekten Photography by HG Esch

2 days ago10-17 18:45 by NOTCOT.ORG
Designer Grégoire de Lafforest examines the inner workings of structural exterior formats for his latest EXO series. (Want more? See and

2 days ago10-17 16:09 by iGNANT

We present our weekly selection of favourite Flickr images in our Flickr Friday. You can submit your work in our Flickr Group if you’d like to be featured. Enjoy your weekend.

Image © Ines Rehberger

Image © Kelex Lau

Image © Yu-Hong Kuo

Image © Mariam Sitchinava

Image © Marcellus Cruz

Image ©

Image © Chinchi

Image © Chris Hieronimus

Image © Shi Chan

2 days ago10-17 15:00 by beautifuldecay





Boston-based artist Jenine Shereos who we’ve featured in the past for her amazing series of leaves made from human hair.  her amazing series of leaf forms made from human hair. Her more recent work revisits the idea of human-manipulated nature with “De/constructed Lace,” a site-specific installation series of knit-lace that mimics spiderwebs.

In Marnay-Sur-Seine, France she draped the knit threads in windows and doorways, looking like massive, delicate spiderwebs, echoing the white lace curtains in many local homes. The works are not perfect, Charlotte’s Web creations, but looser, more organic forms. Shereos says on her website:

“This installation of knit-lace is suspended in a state of unraveling. The process of its making and unmaking are one and the same.”

In Boston, she worked with black thread and crystals, allowing her web-like art to cast filigreed shadows on the wall amid flickering rainbows from the hanging crystal. The webs are more ominous in black, connecting to walls and windows and floor with fine strands.

“Some of these site-specific works are installed for a period of weeks for viewers to interact with, and others function as a sort of ephemeral, private performance existing afterwards in documentation. Oftentimes, collaborations intended or unintended arise within the environment; a spider spins its delicate webs from the white strands of thread suspended in an unraveling knit curtain, fibrous fragments of seaweed become embedded within a structure of knit fibers, or an array of rainbows flicker amidst white walls and black curtains.”

By co-opting the aesthetics of the natural world, Shereos creates a conscious interaction with the structure of the landscape or the architecture surrounding her art, uniting real and surreal, natural and constructed, fluidity and stillness.









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