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yesterday09-17 18:09 by strangeLine
Campaign for vegetarian restaurant Hiltl (4)
  An inspiring campaign called “It’s never too late to become a vegetarian,” for the Swiss vegetarian restaurant Hiltl, by Agency Ruf Lanz.

yesterday09-17 15:12 by iGNANT

UID Architects created ‘+node’ by placing 3.5 meters cubes similar to a wooden bird’s house on the side just like a toy building block. They made a place that responds to a surrounding horizontal and vertical territory that connects the ground surface and the forest. Gradually advancing from the approach to the south side and enabled by sceneries that is cut out in fragments in the east and the west direction, linear space in about 30 meters unfolds as a sky pass, keeping a gradual sense of distance with the surrounding environment.

The space is connected to the 10 meters above forest. On the other hand, the cube that is buried in the underground slope becomes a space that reacts with the surface environmental territory such as sunlight filtering through thick trees, humidity and temperature. The bird’s house that connected the ground surface and the forest is like a place of kaleidoscope that reflects various regularly changing things. It is a place of a node that creates an interactive environment with natural animals ant plants.

All images © Hiroshi-Ueda

yesterday09-17 12:54 by iGNANT

Fashion photographer Shae de Tar creates dreamy images that feel like spellbinding illusions. Her technique of handpainting negatives dates back to the early 1900 while her images remind us of 1960′s concert posters. In her work, Shae de Tar combines well-curated clothing, vibrant colors and sensual female figures with a surreal aesthetic that gives it an atmospheric touch of vintage and whimsical feeling.

All images © Shae de Tar | Via: Picame

yesterday09-17 12:34 by CONTEMPORIST

Barton Myers Associates designed a home located in the hills above Montecito, California.







Project description

Located in the hills above Montecito, the residence was designed to take advantage of the site’s striking features, including majestic oak trees and large boulders. The house is divided into two wings. A public wing includes living, dining and kitchen areas and opens up to the main outdoor dining and lounging areas. The second, more intimate wing, contains bedrooms, bathrooms and a library all of which open up to small outdoor courtyards and terraces. The property also includes a lap-pool and an existing guest house.

The building is constructed of exposed steel, glass, concrete and insulated metal panels. The Montecito Residence takes full advantage of the indoor-outdoor living made possible by California Coast’s mild climate. Designed specifically without air-conditioning, the house is cooled exclusively by cross-ventilation. Large operable sectional glass doors, sliding doors and windows can be opened and closed to quickly adjust to the climate conditions and the occupants’ comfort. In addition, the house’s radiant heat system is fed by solar collector panels. Other sustainable features include highly efficient boilers, photovoltaic panels and an Energy-Star rated “cool” roof.

mr_170914_01 mr_170914_02 mr_170914_03 mr_170914_04 mr_170914_05 mr_170914_06 mr_170914_07 mr_170914_08 mr_170914_09 mr_170914_10 mr_170914_11 mr_170914_12 mr_170914_13 mr_170914_14 mr_170914_15 mr_170914_16

Architects: Barton Myers Associates Associate in Charge: Thomas Schneider Project Architect: Yianna Bouyioukou Landscape: Rios Clementi Hale Studios Contractor: Caputo Construction

Photographer: Ciro Coelho

yesterday09-17 11:37 by strangeLine
Greta Larkins
Quirky High Fashion gifs created by Melbourne based multimedia artist Greta Larkins.

yesterday09-17 11:31 by NOTCOT.ORG
Hotel Arts, Calgary makes the most artistic fruit + chocolate welcome treats! They also spoil your dog (biscotti, dog bed, + toy!)... and their newly redone interiors include some amazing design details - love the lamp/dressers! (Want more? See and

yesterday09-17 10:58 by CONTEMPORIST

Giopato & Coombes present the Bolle, their new hand blown glass lamp at Designersblock during the London Design Festival.





“for few seconds, in front of us, we were surrounded by hundreds of soap bubbles. It was a magical moment with their formal simplicity it was beautiful and immediate: we wanted to crystallize this moment, when the bubbles grow until they touch each other, just before exploding! So this was the beginning. For us the lightness of the soap bubbles has become a metaphor for the immateriality of light.” Cristiana Giopato.

Bolle is a suspension lamp in transparent glass, where the illuminating brass bulb is suspending between the spheres, giving light to not only the space but also the curved surfaces, multiplying reflections to amplify the magical effect.

The Architect and Designer, following the wonderful experience of designing and producing “i Flauti” lamps, with the master glassmakers of Murano, they wanted to continue their research with glass. For the Bolle project that have used a different technique known a “a lume” in Italian, another expertise within the Veneto region. This method, even if hand-blown, has a higher level of precision allowing the possibility to assemble the spheres. And so the magic becomes reality.

The Bolle lamp is available in two sizes, one with 4 and one with 6 spheres. The two can be combined to form endless compositions. In contrast to the intangible and magical appearance of the glass, the central brass body maintains a sense of function rigor. The meticulous design development has simplified the body into a simple cylinder, whose internal components are stacked and self-locking, without the need for screws. The double-sided Led bulb, designed and produced for this lamp, allows for downward and upward lighting. The rigorous design has maintained a formal minimalism with an intentional illumination, that emphasizes the characteristics of glass.

bo_170914_01 bo_170914_02 bo_170914_03 bo_170914_04 bo_170914_05 bo_170914_06

Design: Giopato & Coombes

yesterday09-17 10:32 by NOTCOT.ORG
Composers in beer by Gustav Almestål. (Want more? See and

yesterday09-17 10:01 by CONTEMPORIST

A project initiated by the American Hardwood Export Council and Benchmark Furniture, The Wish List – What I have always wanted is… brings together a stellar list of architects and designers to create a compelling installation, The Wish List, which will be exhibited at the V&A during the 2014 London Design Festival.

As part of The Wish List, dRMM’s Alex de Rijke commissioned furniture makers Barnby & Day to create a round table using Tulipwood.











Project description

The Wish List has not only engaged the interest of 10 design legends, who have commissioned something personal. It is also giving an extraordinary opportunity to a group of emerging talented designers, who will not only develop the designs but actually come and make their pieces under the watchful eye and guidance of Benchmark’s master craftsmen, some of whom have 40 years’ experience to draw on!

Terence Conran, co-founder of Benchmark, instigated the project when he wrote to his friends and asked, “What have you always wanted in your home, but never been able to find?”

Alex de Rijke has commissioned Barnby & Day… dRMM’s Alex de Rijke has always wanted a beautiful large round laminated dining table. Alex is known for pioneering innovative uses of timber within the construction industry and designed the first ever use of hardwood CLT, ‘Endless Stair’ with for London Design Festival 2013. In an article entitled, ‘Timber is the new concrete’, he predicted that timber would be the dominant construction material of the 21st Century. Applying this thinking to furniture design, Barnby & Day will laminate American tulipwood and turn a hollow round table for Alex de Rijke who wants the table to look very solid but in fact be very light.

From Barnby & Day

10 young businesses (us being one) were paired with some amazing high profile architects, designers and artists. They were to act as our commissioners, with their brief being to commission us to work with them to design and make a piece for their home; “something they had always wanted but never been able to find.”

Collaborating with Sir Terence and Sean Sutcliffe from Benchmark were the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC). AHEC gave us a wide range of American hardwoods to work with. Ourselves and our commissioner Alex de Rijke (of dRMM Architects and dean of architecture at the RCA) chose tulip wood as it was a timber Alex had used before with huge success in his project the ‘Endless Stair’. The project was exhibited outside The Tate Modern before being shown in Milan, and pioneered the technique of cross laminating timber (CLT).

Alex wanted a large round sculptural dining table and liked the idea of trying to make it from CLT. Alex believes a round table is more dramatic – and around it, ‘the best decisions are made, work is done, and drinks are drunk’.

Round it was to be and from CLT! Laminating timber in this way gives it huge structural strength and almost eliminates movement which is a common problem in the wood industry. Alex didn’t want to use precious hardwoods, ‘tulip wood is very fast growing and America has an abundance of it’. We all agreed the colour variation and grain pattern was beautiful so the project took off!

wl_170914_01 wl_170914_02 wl_170914_03 wl_170914_04 wl_170914_05 wl_170914_06 wl_170914_07 wl_170914_09 wl_170914_10 wl_170914_11 wl_170914_12 wl_170914_13 wl_170914_14 wl_170914_15 wl_170914_16 wl_170914_17 wl_170914_18 wl_170914_19

Design: Barnby & Day

Photography by Petr Krejcí

yesterday09-17 09:32 by NOTCOT.ORG
Joseph Perry launches Every Cloud, the second print from his science poster series. It celebrates the work of Luke Howard, who’s cloud classification published in 1803, brought order to the ever-changing skies. (Want more? See and

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