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6 hours ago07-27 15:34 by NOTCOT.ORG
Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch! is scientifically engineered to attract and kill fruit flies. Sure you could also use wine/vinegar/etc - but the fun branding and simplicity of instructions is quite nice. (Want more? See and

7 hours ago07-27 14:34 by NOTCOT.ORG
London-based street artist, SHOK-1 known for his ‘X-ray‘ murals, completed ‘The Consumer‘ in Hamburg, Germany. Shaped like the iconic game character Pac-Man, the artist’s clever take on our own modern day vices catches passerbys attention. (Want more? See and

21 hours ago07-27 00:23 by NOTCOT.ORG
El Trio by Sebastian Lara + Roberto Sedano. This series of vases made of glazed ceramic, are inspired by traditional Mexican music trio. (Want more? See and

23 hours ago07-26 22:03 by 1 Design Per Day
  1. Grass drying rack - BPA free plastic and made to hold all those little fiddly bits you use to feed babies and toddlers 2. Tessellated Dish Dryer by  Matias Conti - oceanic inspired 3.  The Dish Drainer Geo     4. Joseph Joseph Arena Dish Drainer   5. Perera’s system of flexible racks – makes it easy to […]

yesterday07-26 14:05 by NOTCOT.ORG
Beggin' Party Poppers Dog Treats - adorably smart packaging - pop a treat on the pigs nose, press it in, and out it pops! (Want more? See and

2 days ago07-26 03:01 by Well Done Stuff

There are many stunning places on this earth that defy the imagination. This Beautiful Ocean Of Flowers is located in one of those places. The Hitachi Seaside Park is located in Japan and during the month of April it is home to approximately 4.5 million flowers. The flowers you see in the image below are commonly called Baby blue eyes. Their actual name is Nemophila menziesii, they are spring wildflowers that are native to California. If you like these flowers and would like to grow some of your own you can purchase a pack of 600 seeds for only $2. flowers image via Teerayut HiruntarapornBeautiful Ocean Of Flowers image via azureflowers3image via Atsushi Motoyamablue eyesimage via hirocamebaby blue eyesqimage via Shirunosuke

These beautiful blue flowers are not the only amazing site to see at The Hitachi Seaside Park. The 190 hectare park also features 1 million daffodils, 170 varieties of tulips and many other flowers. here is also a ferris wheel with an amazing view of the park.

If you ever visit Japan then you should definitely put this park on your things to see list. In case you are not convinced here are some more stunning photographs.Japan_Hitachi_Seaside_Parkviahitachi-seaside-park-5-7902viahitachi-seaside-park-12-790[2]viaHitachi-Seaside-Park-03Japan-FlowersDaffodils-in-JapanPath-of-Pink-Tulipsvia

The post Beautiful Ocean Of Flowers appeared first on Well Done Stuff.

2 days ago07-26 01:21 by NOTCOT.ORG
An interactive facade fronting a parking structure at the new Eskenazi Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. A field of 7,000 angled metal panels in conjunction with an articulated east/west color strategy creates a dynamic façade system. (Want more? See and

2 days ago07-26 00:21 by NOTCOT.ORG
Source Outdoor Universal Tube Adapter - A smart setup to refill your hydration packs from the tap or a waterbottle without having to open your pack! And apparently it even fits with Camelbak systems says someone on Amazon. (Want more? See and

2 days ago07-25 22:10 by CONTEMPORIST

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos have designed a house on a mountainside that is overlooked by a castle in Ayora, Spain.










Project description

The building is located in a landscape of unique beauty, the result of a natural and evident growth. The mountain, topped by a castle, is covered by a blanket housing through a system of aggregation by simple juxtaposition of pieces generated fragmented target tissue that adapts to the topography.

The project proposes to integrate into the environment, respecting their strategies of adaptation to the environment and materials away from the mimesis that would lead to misleading historicism, and showing the time constructively to meet the requirements of the “new people.” In this way the house is conceived as a piece placed on the ground, joining in the gap. A piece built on the same white lime, the same primacy of the massif on the opening, which takes the edge of the site to have their holes and integrated into the fragmentation of the environment.

The indoor space is divided by the void that is the core of communication cut parallel disposition of the mountain without touching it. On the ground floor are the garage and cellar, on a volume it has two floors with four rooms. Two of them, the rooms at the intermediate level are open to the private street, the other two on the upper level overlook above the houses opposite, the Valley of Ayora. One of them, the study is opened in turn to the central double height, incorporating it into their space. Across the gap, and on the mountain, are the areas facing the garden day illuminated by light reflected on the south slope of the castle oxidized.

hm_250714_01 hm_250714_02 hm_250714_03 hm_250714_04 hm_250714_05 hm_250714_06 hm_250714_07 hm_250714_08 hm_250714_09 hm_250714_10 hm_250714_11 hm_250714_12 hm_250714_13 hm_250714_14 hm_250714_15 hm_250714_16 hm_250714_17 hm_250714_18 hm_250714_19 hm_250714_20 hm_250714_21 hm_250714_22 hm_250714_23 hm_250714_24 hm_250714_25 hm_250714_26 hm_250714_27 hm_250714_28 hm_250714_29 hm_250714_30 hm_250714_31 hm_250714_32 hm_250714_33

Architect: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos Project team: Fran Silvestre | Principal in charge, María José Sáez | Principal in charge and Ángel Ruíz | Collaborator Architect Interior Design: Alfaro Hofmann Building Engineer: Pedro López Contractor: Cooperativa Montemayor

Photography by Fernando Alda

2 days ago07-25 21:04 by NOTCOT.ORG
Hoboroll, stuff sack with internal compartments to help keep items separate and organized, and compression straps to save space. Two tabs on each side convert Hoboroll into a shoulder bag or backpack. (Want more? See and

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