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20 hours ago07-21 20:07 by 2Modern Blog

dw0414_finishig_touch_02_0Belgian architect Indra Janda has designed an outdoor room that we’d happily convert into a year-round abode, if only we could. Janda’s ‘garden room’ is a modest size—less than 500 square feet—with a rudimentary shape consisting of 4 walls and steeply gabled roof, entirely and artfully constructed via a network of exposed wooden beams. But Janda’s inspired touch lies in the building’s external cladding. By using sheets of inexpensive polycarbonate, Janda has created a latticework of exquisitely arranged ‘shingles’ as the structure’s skin, a material which remains opaque in the daylight, but turns the shed into a glowing lantern at night. No wonder we’d gladly be banished to this shed any day—or Dwell

21 hours ago07-21 19:31 by 2Modern Blog

Screen shot 2014-07-21 at 3.07.24 PMWho hasn’t longed for a flyswatter that didn’t obviously betray its unsavory purpose? No sooner had we reported on Normann Copenhagen’s citrus Sqeezer than we spotted Buzz, the Danish brand’s spanking new flyswatter, said to be inspired by that old fly-swatting standby: the rolled-up newspaper. Designer Hans Hornemann’s silicone Buzz has been given enough flexibility to root out pesky vermin in nooks and crannies, and an opening in its wooden handle that makes the process of picking up and disposing of tiny carcasses less revolting. And, yes, its ash wood and easy-to-clean silicone profile (available in 4 easy-on-the-eye colors) is handsome enough to keep on display without feeling one bit sheepish.

2439_Buzz_Flyswatter_ALL_1-1Images: Normann Copenhagen

yesterday07-21 15:48 by iGNANT

Born in Hong Kong, raised in Vancouver, educated in Denmark, and currently residing in Berlin, Andrea Wan is an artist with a diverse and culturally rich background to draw upon.

Inspired by her relationships with the various people and places she got to know throughout her journeys, Wan’s illustrations and ink paintings seek to tell narratives that seem influenced by folktales and children’s stories.

All images © Andrea Wan

If you’re looking for a true-to-materials seating option, check out these chairs hand made by ROLU Studio. They’re extremely simple plywood and OSB chairs inspired by 70s DIY books, which has a certain minimalist charm that’s bound to add variety and interest to your interior. And, though I don’t have updated pricing at the moment, you can bet that they won’t break the bank. shown above: Cube Chair Ply: 26” width x 22” depth x 29.75” height

+ Chair OSB

New Ulm Chair

Email ROLU to purchase.

There are several simple messenger bags out there, and the Orbit Collection by Sputnik Zurich most definitely belongs in that category. There’s two pockets and one strap. It’s a rectangle. Don’t yawn yet, though, because the bag incorporates reflective stripes to make sure you stay visible at night. The stripes will completely surround your torso; that means you’re safer no matter what direction you (or the vehicles around you) plan to go. The front, back, and straps all have reflective material, so you’ll be able to wear the bag on either shoulder.

ORBIT VOYAGER: size 13 x19 in / 32 x 48 cm ORBIT SPACE EXPLORER: size 10.5 x 15.5 in / 26 x 39 cm

Available on Kickstarter.

If you’ve spent a lot of time on two wheels, you might recognize that this keyring is made from used bike spokes. Just screw/unscrew the spoke nipple to add or remove keys; it’s as simple as that. And don’t go thinking you have to be a bicycle nut to have one of these- the simple reuse of a spoke is reason enough to consider it for your everyday keys. Available from scene3. Dimensions are approximately 1 inch x 2 inches

yesterday07-21 13:20 by iGNANT

Italien photographer Alessio Albi creates atmospheric portraits, mainly shot in low-light situations. The use of natural shades and earthy tones is very important to his work as he is inspired by nature, foggy landscapes, water and the forest.

Another great inspiration to him is the Internet community. Alessio Albi states that he got to know a lot of amazing artists online and he truly appreciates the possibility to discover so many great artworks and display his photography to such a vast group of people around the world.

All images © Alessio Albi | Via: Kaleidography

yesterday07-21 12:01 by CONTEMPORIST

Studio 53 have recently completed the conversion of an early 1900′s Australian workers cottage into a modern family residence.









Description from Chris Maher (of Studio 53)

The Hamersley Road Residence is the conversion of an early 1900’s Australian workers cottage to a practical, modern family residence. The external timberwork, moulded plaster, handmade tiles and flannel flower glass of the existing house give the home a distinct arts and crafts aesthetic. The house had been untouched for many years. As the new owners, and as an Architect and Interior Design team, we wished to provide a functional home for our family with flexibility for now and into the future. We also wished to respect and enhance the existing craftsmanship.

As we were designing a home for our family, we wanted to optimise the space of the relatively small site area. We were able to do this through the use of pure forms such as the ‘courtyard’ and the ‘box’.

To the rear of the existing home we constructed a ground floor extension that envelopes a landscaped courtyard. Building to two boundaries and focusing the new ground floor rooms into the courtyard assisted in the creation and then blurring of the boundaries between indoor and outdoor. The intent was to provide multiple spaces of differing character, to be used at different times of the day and year, some inside and some outside.

The upper level addition is delineated from the existing house by taking the form of a pure yellow ‘box’ gently placed on top of the ground floor behind the gable of the existing home. The Box is then further wrapped in a perforated screen to shade and protect it from the sun.

The conception of the ‘box’ is integral to the design of this house. Internally, the box is its own zone; bedrooms, bathroom and play room for the children. Externally the box defines the character of the extension, highlighting the change from existing house to contemporary home in a sympathetic but contrasting manner.

The intricately patterned and visually permeable screen envelops the box on all sides. The pattern is inspired from the floral motif of the original carpet and fireplace tiles; although given a contemporary edge. This screen provides visual richness, shade and protection to openings whilst offering opportunities for passive surveillance of the street. At night, the screen is illuminated, glows and provides a moment of joy for the neighbourhood.

Throughout the design process, we re-used and recycled elements of the existing home to create a story of restoration. This included recycling bricks, light fittings, and even the old laundry trough, which is now a thriving herb garden. The original tin awning on the front of the existing house was resurrected with a coat of Dulux Weathershield in ‘Happy’ to match the ‘box’.

Despite being untouched for over 90 years, the existing home was rescued and rejuvenated. The honest values of the house have been maintained, continued and extended into the new addition, to breathe life into the existing cottage and to create a “happy” and contemporary family home.

hr_210714_01 hr_210714_02 hr_210714_03 hr_210714_04 hr_210714_05 hr_210714_06 hr_210714_07 hr_210714_08 hr_210714_09 hr_210714_10 hr_210714_11 hr_210714_12 hr_210714_13 hr_210714_14 hr_210714_15 hr_210714_16 hr_210714_17

Design: Studio 53

Photography by Christian Sprogoe and Chris Maher

yesterday07-21 10:32 by CONTEMPORIST

Stockholm-based artist Nina Lindgren has created a cardboard sculpture named ‘Floating City’.

You can watch a video of the installation – here




fc_210714_01 fc_210714_02 fc_210714_03 fc_210714_04 fc_210714_05 fc_210714_06

Artist: Nina Lindgren

yesterday07-21 10:24 by strangeLine
Celine Then and Now
    Compare the 1970s Celine campaign to the new Autumn Winter 2014 campaign with Daria Werbowy  photographed by Juergen Teller.

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