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13 hours ago07-24 17:26 by beautifuldecay


Michael Craig-Martin has been creating art since the 1960s. His wall painting installations from the 1990s and 2000s feel current with their bright colors and flat appearance, but some of the items in the paintings, ubiquitous at the time they were captured, are now relics. Among the shoes and pails rendered in black tape outlines are Nokia style cell phones and milk bottles. That doesn’t diminish the charm of these installations. Craig-Martin’s intent was to make these works in a generic style, even attempting to erase his personality from the works by using tape as outlines instead of pencil drawings. It didn’t work. The purposeful non-style of painted mass-produced items executed meticulously in a vibrant palette at enlarged scale has become one of Craig-Martin’s signatures. The choice of everyday objects for his wall installations was a purposeful one.

“I thought the objects we value least because they were ubiquitous were actually the most extraordinary. … I wanted people to realise how extraordinary everyday objects are, and think about what image-making is. The impulse was never nostalgia, kitsch or a critique of consumerism.” (Source)

Photos of the installations can only capture part of their impact. Walking around a corner only to be confronted with an enormous pink desk lamp is part of the experience, as are the shifting views of eyeglasses and belts through the arches of a candy-colored room. Only when standing next to a seven-foot extinguisher can the scale of the articles be truly appreciated.

Though he is often called a conceptual artist, Craig-Martin prefers to be called radical. It’s not just about the concept for him—the making that comes from the idea is equally important. “Throughout his career, through work in many different media, he has explored the expressive potential of commonplace objects and images.”









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14 hours ago07-24 16:30 by beautifuldecay

Ágústa-Sveinsdóttir-Design-1 Ágústa-Sveinsdóttir-Design-2 Ágústa-Sveinsdóttir-Design-3 Ágústa-Sveinsdóttir-Design-4

A jewelry collection by Icelandic designer Ágústa Sveinsdóttir explores the transience of all earthly pursuits by incorporating one unusual material, dust. Her metallic wearables allow their owners to experience the transformation and disintegration as the jewelry changes and decays over time.

“In this world everything existing is linked to the process of birth, decay and disappearance. That is the way of life, the way of nature. Inspired by the tradition of the symbolic Vanitas paintings, the Dust collection is a reminder of the transience of all earthly pursuits and how it can be a motive for design.”

Designer wanted to break the traditions of material use and employ materials that have been considered worthless. She chose dust as the ultimate result of disintegration: “It’s everywhere and ever-present <…> It is everything and yet metaphorically the embodiment of nothingness.” Sveinsdóttir questions the material worth by juxtaposing jewelry, a sign of beauty and wealth, and dust, an inconvenient mundane matter that people always try to get rid off. 

The dust was collected from abandoned Icelandic farms. Designer pursued to find dust at its purest form, thus derelict places where time has stopped, man has left and nature has taken over were perfect. Using a biodegradable adhesive, dust particles were transformed into a jewel coating and used to cover the metallic bangles and rings. With time, the dust fades away unveiling the manmade skeleton of the object. (via designboom)

Ágústa-Sveinsdóttir-Design-5 Ágústa-Sveinsdóttir-Design-6 Ágústa-Sveinsdóttir-Design-7 Ágústa-Sveinsdóttir-Design-8 Ágústa-Sveinsdóttir-Design-9Ágústa-Sveinsdóttir-Design-10 Ágústa-Sveinsdóttir-Design-Jewelry-11

The post Jewelry Collection Featuring Dust Particles Disintegrates And Decays Over Time appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.

15 hours ago07-24 15:30 by beautifuldecay

kevin_corrado1 kevin_corrado2 kevin_corrado3 kevin_corrado5

In the photographic works by Kevin Corrado, human limbs and objects intersect with the landscape. They are painted over, dipped, and blend in the with the horizon line. The series entitled Transfer best showcases this idea as different hands are encased in varying colors of paint. Corrado talks about how this is not only a connection made design-wise, but our notions about the things we see. He writes:

The project began as a playful idea of the ocean being a giant sea of blue paint rather than water. The idea of a blue sea is so engraved into our minds, even though in most cases, water is not actually blue. In all three pieces, a hand becomes covered in paint by touching a landscape of that color. In its entirety, the project speaks about our intense connection between common landscapes and their assigned colors. Possibly something that was instilled in us during our elementary days. The project also addresses my role as an artist, and what color I will choose for my landscapes, even though my tool of choice is a camera (a tad bit ironic). A painter is given the task to paint a tree, but that painter must choose to use green paint.

The quietly compelling images play with our sense of scale; hands are huge, looking like giants and whose veins appear large enough to line up with the choppy waves. (Via Slow Art Day)


The post Kevin Corrado’s Human Limbs DippedIn Paint Cleverly Play With Landscapes appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.

16 hours ago07-24 15:00 by beautifuldecay


Founder of Los Angeles-based architecture and design studio Urbana, Rob Ley has yet made another venture into the world of interactive architectural installations. This time large-scale. His project “May-September” features a field of 7,000 angled multi-color metal panels constructed onto the facade of Eskenazi Hospital in Indianapolis.

According to Ley, the project began when he started wondering about the typical notion of the parking structure. Often these huge concrete constructions are unappreciated and ignored by public. Ley posed himself a challenge to turn it into a dynamic system that would interact with the viewers as they pass it by.

Together with Indianapolis Fabrications, they’ve built a huge angular aluminum and stainless steel installation (12,500 square feet) that also features an east/west color strategy (yellow and blue). The visual experience of changing colors and patterns depends on observers’ perspective and speed when they move across the hospital grounds or drive along the street. The piece also interacts with nature as every sun beam or cloud can shape the hues and saturation of colors.

As in nature, the volume and shade offered by the piece shies away from harsh, geometric patterning – instead tending towards a gentle, dappled variability in form <…> [parts of installation] work together as brush strokes to create a dynamic façade <…>.

Rob-Ley-Architecture-1Rob-Ley-Architecture-3Rob-Ley-Architecture-4  Rob-Ley-Architecture-8 Rob-Ley-Architecture-9


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20 hours ago07-24 10:16 by Well Done Stuff

Most of us know the pain of losing a loved one and wishing we could somehow connect with them again.  No matter what your beliefs are, the story of The Ghost Driver is very cool! Rather than retell the story myself, I am going to paste it here in the words of the person who experienced this magical moment. This comment was left on a youtube video which asks the question “Can Gaming Be A Spiritual Experience?”

“Well, when i was 4, my dad bought a trusty XBox. you know, the first, ruggedy, blocky one from 2001. we had tons and tons and tons of fun playing all kinds of games together – until he died, when i was just 6.

i couldnt touch that console for 10 years. but once i did, i noticed something.

we used to play a racing game, Rally Sports Challenge. actually pretty awesome for the time it came.

and once i started meddling around… i found a GHOST.


you know, when a time race happens, that the fastest lap so far gets recorded as a ghost driver? yep, you guessed it – his ghost still rolls around the track today.

and so i played and played, and played, untill i was almost able to beat the ghost. until one day i got ahead of it, i surpassed it, and…~

i stopped right in front of the finish line, just to ensure i wouldnt delete it. Bliss.”

Comment by a user named 00WARTHERAPY00.The Ghost Driver

The video is below and if you scroll down you will find the comment. Cooler than cool :) So what do you think? Have you ever had a spiritual experience while gaming?

The post The Ghost Driver appeared first on Well Done Stuff.

22 hours ago07-24 08:16 by Well Done Stuff

Bicycles are favored as a form of transport by many people around the world. Compared to other modes of transport they are inexpensive and environmentally friendly. This is being encouraged all over the world as many cities and towns become Innovative Bicycle Friendly Places. People are realizing that riding to work is convenient and it saves money. Riding a bicycle is also a fantastic way to check out a city you are visiting for the first time. Many people ride for leisure as well as for convenience. Families ride together, children ride to school and people use bicycles to run errands.

According to the Copenhagenize Index 2013, Amsterdam is the most bicycle friendly city in the world. Followed by Copenhagen, Utrecht, Seville and Bordeaux.bicycle

Many new bicycle friendly developments are also on the way. This month it was announced that Copenhagen will undertake a very ambitious project. Once it is completed they may challenge Amsterdam for the number one spot! It has been announced that an cycleway will be built that allows cyclists to ride from Amsterdam to Sweden. It will be part of the Øresund Bridge. bridegeInnovative Bicycle Friendly Placesvia

The Øresund Bridge is the second longest bridge in Europe. It is 7845 meters long.


Copenhagen has many bicycle friendly elements already. The video below shows the Cykelslangen bridge. The Cykelslangen bridge opened earlier this month it allows cyclists to travel over the city harbor.

There are many cool bike ways in a lot of different places, here are a few more.bikewvia

^This is the Lugaritz-Morlans commuter tunnel which is located in Spain. It is the longest bicycle commuter tunnel in the world. bikeww^ In Norway there is a bicycle lift. It was built in 1993 but has now been replaced with a newer design and is being marketed to other cities.bikeevia

^ Tokyo has installed bicycle escalators in Metro stations and parking garages. This makes it easy for riders to take their bicycles up the stairs.hovenring n^ Here is the Hovenring, located in the Netherlands. It was designed to integrate bicycle traffic with road traffic. You can read more about it here> HOVENRING

This awesome Bike Garage is located in Tokyo. It takes up minimal space and has enough room to park hundreds of bikes!

^ Bicycle superhighways are becoming more and more common all over the world. This one is in London. It is part of the cities Bike Share Program.

The post Innovative Bicycle Friendly Places appeared first on Well Done Stuff.

yesterday07-24 05:16 by 1 Design Per Day
Lego Egg Cups   Sumo Egg Cups - a new product from Peleg Design   King Arthur Egg Holder by Peleg Design   Birdsnest Egg Cups by Gijs de Zwart Soldier Egg Cup by Paladone  Muppets Egg Cups   Tank Egg Cup   Mr. Mustache egg holder     Hold on Egg Cup  You will never lose track of […]

yesterday07-23 19:23 by 2Modern Blog

Marimekko1Sending that party invitation just got a whole lot prettier, thanks to Marimekko. The venerable Finnish brand has just announced a partnership with online stationery platform, Paperless Post, becoming the latest—and easily the most iconic—design brand to join the company’s roster of high-profile collaborations.

Which means that Marimekko buffs (count us in) can now happily rely on the brand’s famous textile motifs—including their half-century old, but forever young, Unikko pattern—to add serious visual panache to digital correspondence. And the added good news for U.S. consumers is that Marrimekko’s Paperless Post stationery line is also available in old-fashioned paper stock.Marimekko2

yesterday07-23 18:42 by strangeLine
Window made with lenses (6)
Kine Solberg's window panels, displayed as part of the Master of Interior Architecture and Retail Design (MIARD) graduate show at the Piet Zwart Institute, made with lenses create distorted views.

2 days ago07-23 17:00 by beautifuldecay

Nastasja Duthois Nastasja Duthois Nastasja Duthoisduthois-5

Artist Nastasja Duthois creates large installations and small-scale embroidered artworks that explore aspects of shadow and negative space. Though composed of thousands of straight sewn lines reminiscent of crosshatching, the final pieces are generally organic in form from the silhouettes of dogs and animals to more complex landscapes.

“My work is done ellipses, gaps and assembled fragments that attempt to re-transcribe experiences and encounters. It restores daily annotations that one way or another have caused me a surprise, empathy, an indistinct disorder, rebellion or indignation choked. I contemplated steps, stopped movements, noted the words of anonymous … I approached … I immersed myself until disappearing collecting many snapshots of collective life that my readings were converted. Cross existences are mixed with reminiscences and personal obsessions, while retaining their opacity and mystery. They reactivated real memory and imagination. What thoughts and feelings aroused places, objects and people became especially experiences of encounter with oneself. I want to watch the world with the attention of the traveler who discovers a country; I’m looking for simple and fleeting wonders.”

duthois-7_y6a0008_web_y6a0086_webduthois-4  duthois-6  duthois-8 duthois-9

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