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17 hours ago11-21 20:32 by NOTCOT.ORG
60 Second Magnetic Hourglass by 9Pig (Want more? See and

18 hours ago11-21 19:32 by NOTCOT.ORG
Cox & Cox Three Deer Spoons - these little ceramic deer spoons have little arms for hanging on the edge of your cup. (Want more? See and

19 hours ago11-21 18:32 by NOTCOT.ORG
Chrome Industries expands my favorite BLCKCHRM line to include their camera bags. All blacked out in Hypalon and a full-grain leather with popping interior colors to make it easy to find your gear. (Want more? See and

20 hours ago11-21 17:33 by iGNANT

It's starting to get really cold in Berlin these days so we're all the more looking forward to spend some cozy quality time at home on the upcoming weekend. Happy Friday night to everyone and enjoy our weekly selection of Flickr images. Have a great weekend.

Image © Esben Bøg Jensen

Image © iwakura shiori

Image © Chris Lin

Image © Chih-Chieh Wang

Image © Théo Gosselin

Image © Robert Chang Chien

Image © Raúl Pérez

Image © Stephen Leslie

Image © iden13

20 hours ago11-21 17:31 by NOTCOT.ORG
Ursa Major Holiday Gifts are coming packed in the cutest hand-dyed, screen printed "Happy Trails" gift bags! (Want more? See and

23 hours ago11-21 13:55 by iGNANT

La Luge is a secondary home lying in the midst of the forest in La Conception, Canada. It was designed by Yiacouvakis Hamelin Architectes. Nestled on its site, surrounded by dense vegetation preserving the house’s privacy, La Luge integrates a private spa which occupies almost a third of the useable area.

While La Luge is as a compact scheme meant to accommodate a large number of guests, the house’s spaces can be reconfigured into diverse geometries: using large sliding doors, the users may transform the children bedroom into a playground or a guest bedroom. The project is made out of two embracing volumes set on different levels –one dark, one light, thus creating distinct spaces, freely merging one into the other. In this wood shell made of essences of cedar, oak and walnut, the atmosphere is soft but bright, soothing.

All images © Yiacouvakis Hamelin Architectes | Via: Home Adore

23 hours ago11-21 13:55 by NOTCOT.ORG
'Open Toys' is a project developed by leFabShop. Each 3D printable model will let you transform vegetables into toys. (Want more? See and

yesterday11-21 12:25 by NOTCOT.ORG
The Hipster Business Name Generator creates a random combination of quirky nouns placed under a decorative x with a few icons for the perfect logo. (Want more? See and

yesterday11-21 10:55 by NOTCOT.ORG
The State Plates Project, reimaginging the license plate designs of all 50 states. (Want more? See and

yesterday11-21 09:44 by iGNANT

We've featured French photographer Jean Baptiste Courtier previously on the blog. Now he drew our attention to his latest work entitled 'Escrime' ('Fencing') where he showed a couple of fencers doing ballet outdoors. The contrast between the veiled fencers and the classy ballet is what first strikes the viewer though if you start to think about it, the sports have more in common than one might think.

All images © Jean Baptiste

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