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seconds ago11-26 11:51 by CONTEMPORIST

Architecture firm SL* Project have designed a contemporary villa near Moscow, Russia.






















vm_261114_01 vm_261114_02 vm_261114_03 vm_261114_04 vm_261114_06 vm_261114_07 vm_261114_08 vm_261114_09 vm_261114_10 vm_261114_12 vm_261114_13 vm_261114_14 vm_261114_15 vm_261114_16 vm_261114_17 vm_261114_19 vm_261114_20 vm_261114_21 vm_261114_22 vm_261114_24 vm_261114_25 vm_261114_26 vm_261114_27 vm_261114_28 vm_261114_29 vm_261114_30 vm_261114_31 vm_261114_33 vm_261114_34 vm_261114_35 vm_261114_36 vm_261114_37 vm_261114_38 vm_261114_39 vm_261114_40 vm_261114_41 vm_261114_42 vm_261114_43 vm_261114_44 vm_261114_45 vm_261114_46 vm_261114_47 vm_261114_48 vm_261114_49 vm_261114_50 vm_261114_51 vm_261114_52 vm_261114_53 vm_261114_54 vm_261114_55 vm_261114_56 vm_261114_57 vm_261114_58 vm_261114_59 vm_261114_60 vm_261114_61

Architect: SL* Project – Alexey Nikolashin and Ekaterina Emelyanova

Photography by Ilya Ivanov

seconds ago11-26 11:45 by CONTEMPORIST

Aldo Cibic was commissioned by Blumohito to create Green Dunes, a 3D vegetal sculpture depicting dunes, as part of Downtown Design Dubai 2014.





From Blumohito and CibicWorkshop

This art project by Aldo Cibic is a tribute to Dubai and a celebration of life.

The starting point of this artistic path is the research that Mr. Cibic has conducted into “micro-landscaping”, this time focused on some core themes of the Gulf culture: this explains why the sinuous line that separates desert from life, here emphasizes the contrast of the lush vegetation, suddenly appearing like an oasis in the desert.

The desert itself is NOT sterile, as life makes her way even in harsh conditions. The lonesome tree is telling us this, and his benign presence gives shade, relief and protection. Unlike anywhere else, here in the Gulf life is impelled by the presence of men, and even a desert dune can be turned into a green hill.

The mirror frame blurs the boundary line between the installation and the viewer, as if a mirage was occurring. Likewise, the border between art and design – or between object and experience, if you like – is dazzled.

Green Dunes is made from SAG Smart Acoustic Green. It is a stabilized vegetal from Northern Europe free of any chemical compound, SAG is hand picked, trimmed and fixed by hand in Italy by italian artists. Stabilizing process brings the vegetal to a steady state, then it remains soft and fresh for an indefinite period of time. Unlike conventional green living walls, SAG does not require any watering nor power lighting

Green Dunes is a cm 480x260h art piece made by Blumohito with natural sand and SAG (Smart Acoustic Green) technology. Following the acclaim received during Downtown Design exhibition, it has been selected to be shown at La Galerie Nationale, in Dubai.

gd_261114_01 gd_261114_02 gd_261114_03 gd_261114_04 gd_261114_05 gd_261114_06 gd_261114_07

Design: Aldo Cibic and Blumohito

seconds ago11-26 10:50 by CONTEMPORIST

Photographer Peter Clarke has sent us images of Urbanest, a student accommodation project in Melbourne, Australia, designed by architects DKO.












From the architects

Berkeley Street is a student accommodation project which we completed in January this year. The building resides in the inner city suburb of Carlton, Melbourne; closely located to a range of universities and learning institutions.

Urbanest being the client group have many established buildings all over the world and this being their first project in Melbourne we wanted to create an identifiable building which encompasses their branding and the architectural design.

The external façade of the building is a striking composition of light and dark materials along with angular shapes and ovals. We were able to carry these interesting elements of the external façade into our interior design of the public spaces.

Focussing on the detailing throughout to achieve this correlation from the use of patterned Bolon Flooring to the joinery unit comprising of the Imac zone desk and bench seating for the students. Working closely with a lighting designer to help highlight these features and coordinate the linear exterior with the interior.

By creating communal spaces where the students are able to interact with one another while using the facilities provided by Urbanest we limited the need for extra requirements in their rooms and in turn helped save on energy. Shared facilities through the building from kitchenettes to bathrooms in rooms, through to study rooms and tv rooms. The bathrooms themselves are pods which were constructed off site and placed into position on site. This meant that there was reduced wastage and proved to be a very time efficient process.

We had to really consider the finishes and furnishings which we used on the interior as they needed to be durable enough to maintain the daily use from students and to avoid replacement in the future.

The use of Bolon woven textile was an integral part of our design process due to its high durability, sustainable credentials and ease of cleaning in comparison to carpet which in turn reduces maintenance and saves on money.

As the architecture and interior design uses lighting to highlight the details and design, we worked closely with the lighting designer to model the energy and lighting levels and used LED lighting throughout.

ur_251114_01 ur_251114_02 ur_251114_03 ur_251114_04 ur_251114_05 ur_251114_06 ur_251114_07 ur_251114_08 ur_251114_09 ur_251114_10 ur_251114_11 ur_251114_12 ur_251114_13 ur_251114_14 ur_251114_15 ur_251114_16 ur_251114_17 ur_251114_18 ur_251114_19 ur_251114_20

Architect: DKO Photography by Peter Clarke Photography

1 minute ago11-26 10:17 by CONTEMPORIST

Studio Baag have designed a cabinet that displays collected objects through peep holes.






From the designers

The Storyteller cabinet is a guardian of collected objects and fragments of life. It can be interpreted and customized with personal belongings and treasures.

Its external shell is in walnut and internally it has a warm gold colour. With a click of the lightswitch the cabinet comes alive starting to tell a story, releasing all of its energy.

The magnifying glasses, finished in brass, attract the attention of the observer inviting him to come closer and find the right point of view to see details of the objects stored inside, giving him a glimpse of the essence of the owner.

st_261114_02 st_261114_03 st_261114_04 st_261114_05 st_261114_06 st_261114_07 st_261114_08

Design: Studio Baag

Photography and styling by Studio BAAG

4 hours ago11-26 06:32 by A New Hype

01_CALI-Colombia_Nov2014_WEB 02_CALI-Colombia_Nov2014_WEB 03_CALI-Colombia_Nov2014_WEB

Tagged: Art, INTI, Moscow, Street art

13 hours ago11-25 21:23 by CONTEMPORIST

PARTISANS have designed Grotto, a sauna located on San Souci Island, in the Georgian Bay area of Ontario, Canada.












From the architect

The blue waters of Lake Huron – located north of Toronto – complement its majestic surroundings and offer a dream-like location for a retreat. A sensual environment, its serene landscape reminds the temporary dwellers of the harmony that exist beyond human possibilities. When PARTISANS team met on site, with a new client for designing and constructing a potential Sauna, they knew that their most prominent challenge was to make a free-standing structure that not only respected, but also matured from the context. Located on Sans Souci Island, the site is a prehistoric large-scale rock formation. Contemplated research was conducted, and through the process a Grotto was set as an inspiration that would inform the design. Grottos, historically, have been known as natural or artifi cial caves that are embedded deep behind the curvature of streams, and thus discovered by those who would take the time to explore.

Understanding the age-old rock, intimately, was the first step toward architecture. As a cascading granite cliff shaped by glaciers into a peninsula, the rock offered both new possibilities and an unobstructed view of the horizon. National Geographic has ranked the sunsets on this site as one of the best in the world. And we were determined to preserve and enhance the experience of it.

The team scanned the rock, using a Leica 3D laser scanner to create multiple CNC’d models in differing scales and materials. Subsequently, an unconventional process of design-play took place, and everyone in our studio collaborated in sculpting the Grotto. Out of roughly fifteen completely different ideas only 4 made the most sense; and the clients—adventurous at heart—selected a scheme that presented both excitement and challenges for the team.

The selected concept for the Grotto prescribed a solid, simple presence on the exterior, while the interior followed dynamic air movements in curvature forms; requiring design solutions. As a result we proceeded to experiment further with the materials, and selected wood, due to its specific properties, as the primary medium. Challenging the standards of current practices in the construction industry, we worked directly with a millwork and steel fabrication partner, MCM Inc., on every detail. Together, we developed a new process of fabrication; utilizing state of the art 3-D technology to scan, model and build the Grotto. The process led to a new-found understanding for the properties of materials. Creating the illusion of a carved interior, we formed the specially selected cedar timber into panels with parallel grains.

As a free-standing sauna, the Grotto uses two high performance ovens that ensure efficiency and control. There are vents and fans in-place that allow the building to breathe seasonally and prevent rot or mold in the structure. The rest of the systems were based on controlled air flow. We used insulation on the building to not only protect its components from heating up or cooling down too quickly, but also to make the Grotto more energy efficient. The specific type of wood, Cedar, was then selected based on a number of factors; such as resistance to rot, aroma, colour, local sources, and quality. The openings were fabricated here in Ontario using double and triple glazed high effi ciency annealed glass to ensure high energy savings and durability. Furthermore, the internal structure of the Grotto was tightly sealed and a layer of energy efficient aluminum foil was adhered to all internal surfaces creating a convective air plenum between the internal wood panels and the space in which they were mounted. This allows for the wood to expand and contract evenly with even heat movement all around. The space behind the wood panels created convection currents that allow the skin to breathe through the ventilation pores that were carved into seats and seams of the cedar panels. The result is a sculpted space, a sensual experience, and a sophisticated exercise in building science.

gr_251114_01 gr_251114_02 gr_251114_03 gr_251114_04 gr_251114_05 gr_251114_06 gr_251114_07 gr_251114_08 gr_251114_09 gr_251114_10 gr_251114_11 gr_251114_12 gr_251114_13 gr_251114_14 gr_251114_15 gr_251114_16 gr_251114_17 gr_251114_18 gr_251114_19 gr_251114_20 gr_251114_21 gr_251114_22 gr_251114_23

Architect: PARTISANS Partisans Team: Alexander Josephson, Pooya Baktash, Jonathan Friedman, Shamir Panchal, Ivan Vasyliv, Betty Vuong, Nathan Bishop, Phil Deck, Kim Bozak

Contractor: Jordan Construction, Chantler Barging Wood Fabrication and Installation: MCM Inc

Photography by Jonathan Friedman and PARTISANS

13 hours ago11-25 21:10 by 2Modern Blog

Holiday Gift Guide Discerning tastes demand mindfully chosen gifts, and our Modern Gift Guide contains a well-rounded selection of contemporary gifts, carefully curated to include something to suit all ages—and budgets. Whether searching for a party-perfect hostess gift or a scene stealer for the modern decor fanatic; seeking out something special for the little ones in your life or targeting a prize for the gadget geek in the family, our Modern Gift Guide beautifully zeroes in on the most stylish gifts to help kick off the holiday season.

14 hours ago11-25 20:23 by 2Modern Blog

Preppi-ThePrepster-01_1024x1024Taking the notion of basic survival to absurdly stylish heights is the Los Angeles-based Preppi company, makers of the Prepster emergency survival kit, accurately defined as “a truly handsome bag stuffed with the BEST of everything you need in the event you find yourself in the worst.” Which means that 3-day emergency essentials—tent, waterproof matches, LED flashlight—are lumped in with useless luxuries—premium chocolate bar, luxury body cleanser, stainless steel whisky flask—all tightly packed into the kind of alluringly handsome bag that begs to be featured prominently in a home. Which is partly the point. Preppi hopes the Prepster’s good looks and artisanal goodies—available in 2-person or one-person sizes—will act as impetus for overall disaster preparedness. And that’s just as well, since the price for surviving this stylishly is an eye-popping $345. Preppi-ThePrepster-02_1024x1024Preppi-ThePrepster-03_1024x1024 Preppi-Lite-03update_ffdbef96-7706-4434-8c68-821bb3517cb3_1024x1024-1 Preppi-Lite-01update_cd2720e9-935c-47bc-ab0b-d0685f10fa27_1024x1024Via Preppi

14 hours ago11-25 20:00 by beautifuldecay
Rothstein, Photo

Jackson Pollock

Rothstein, Photo

Piet Mondrian

Rothstein, Photo

Pablo Picasso

Rothstein, Photo

Vincent Van Gogh

Just in time for the holidays, self-proclaimed “painter, illustrator, writer, jeweler, and up-to-no-gooder,” Hannah Rothstein has cooked up a Turkey-day treat. Straightforwardly titled, “How Famous Artists Would Plate Thanksgiving Meals,” this series of photographs portrays plates of tried-and-true Thanksgiving staples reimagined as if they were created by celebrated figures in modern art history.

Based in San Francisco, Hannah “focuses on finding clever and humorous ways to look at ordinary objects and ideas.” Whether simply rearranging the food or drastically fracturing the plates, the works comprising her “Thanksgiving Special” represent her playful, experimental approach.

In true Piet Mondrian fashion, Hannah has divided her rations into a geometric grid. To evoke the work of Pablo Picasso, her meal is fragmented and rearranged into an unrecognizable form. In homage to Georges Seurat, she has turned her peas and potatoes into a pointillist picture, while plopped morsels and splattered cranberry sauce mimic Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings.

With aesthetic allusions to myriad other artists, including Vincent Van Gogh, René Magritte, Mark Rothko, Julian Schnabel, Andy Warhol, and Cindy Sherman, there will certainly be no scarcity of art at the table this year.

Bon appétit!

Rothstein, Photo

Cindy Sherman

Rothstein, Photo

Julian Schnabel

Rothstein, Photo

Andy Warhol

Rothstein, Photo

Mark Rothko

Rothstein, Photo

Georges Seurat 

Rothstein, Photo

René Magritte

The post Artist Arranges Thanksgiving Meals Into Iconic Works Of Art appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.

15 hours ago11-25 19:00 by beautifuldecay

Mandy Roos - Design

Mandy Roos - Design

Mandy Roos - Design

Mandy Roos - Design

Designer Mandy Roos injects psychedelic playfulness into her series, “Invasion of the Foot Carrier.” Calling upon the specters of miniature foam spaceships, Shatneresque choreography, and gold lamé, Roos’s conceptual line of footwear is a Technicolor tumble into the days of past future.

In some of her designs, Roos plays with gelatinous gloop and gel; in others, she draws inspiration of extraterrestrial explorers and their iconic caterpillar treads. Though the whole collection could be described as whimsical, there’s also a sense of optimism: Roos describes the project as “an inspirational vision meant for the footwear industry.” Her designs are imbued the kind of lighthearted curiosity that defined the years when people still thought the World of Tomorrow was a light on the horizon.

With names like “Aurora Glow,” “Stargazer,” and “Moon Crawler,” Roos embraces the neon cheesiness of retro sci-fi glory. Her designs might not be realistic, but they’re not meant to be. And after so many dystopian futures, both imagined and predicted, it’s refreshing to see such bold cheerfulness. (via Flavorwire)

Mandy Roos - Design Mandy Roos - Design Mandy Roos - Design Mandy Roos - Design

The post Mandy Roos Reimagines Retro Sci-Fi Footwear appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.

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